Covid-19 even for non ill people a lot of problems. The social contacts are restricted, and the work partially in the home office moved, and now the Internet is in danger. The fact that people are currently restricted in their mobility, they spend significantly more time in front of the Computer and Smartphone screen as usually. After large Internet companies such as Youtube, the Association of German public-service broadcasters of the Federal Republic of Germany (ARD) now suggests a resulting Problem.

ARD recommends that radio instead of Streaming

Everything started when the EU asked Commissioner Thierry Breton companies to reduce their Streaming quality, so that a load on the Internet counter. Consequently, numerous Streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime Video and also the brand-new provider Disney+ this prompt in one Form or another, after came. Now, public broadcasting has stepped forward with a recommendation and a promise.

According to the ARD, the ratings are currently at a record High. Nevertheless, the transmission infrastructure of the ARD would keep the requirements during the Corona of the crisis. In order to relieve the network, the ARD, therefore, use the offers of the Internet independent of the radio transmission. To do this, the TV reception via satellite, cable and DVB-T2 ranks first. The radio reception FM and DAB+ Alternatives to the Internet represent meanwhile.

operators are confident

According to information provided by the network operator no immediate danger. According to O2, although an increase in the use of data in the fixed – network and DSL area in the period between 8 and 17 o’clock was observed, overall, the Situation could, however, with a day on the weekend to compare. Also, Vodafone and Deutsche Telekom pointed to the Situation a few days ago as non-critical as well as Youtube. The Google company to 20 to date (Stand:. March), only a few users have reported of tips. Whether it will remain so in the future, it is not yet possible to estimate accurately.

Those who are currently on a voluntary basis in a Quasi-quarantine, pass, alternatively, with the following services, Apps and digital content the time. The data consumption is compared to Streaming services, respectively, significantly lower.

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This article was written by Artem Sandler

*The post “ARD Streaming advises users to classic TV,” published by Inside phone. Contact with the executives here.

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