Impressive skyscrapers in New York or a cozy wooden cottage in the North of Europe? Such architectural masterpieces can be considered works just as well in their own country. These seven extraordinary buildings are not only in Switzerland, but they have been of Swiss built.

Musée d’ethnographie, Geneva,

The Museum in Geneva is its unique facade visible. It was built by the architecture Studio Graber powder. However, not only from the outside, the building is vividly, even inside the architectural masterpiece recognizable. Window in the Form of lozenges provide cool lighting effects, and good views of the outside world.

Atelier Bardill, Scharans GR

The Swiss songwriter Linard Bardill needed a new Studio, and therefore decided, together with architect Valerio Olgiati to design such a self. After about five years, the red-colored-concrete-Studio finally. But the striking color is not the only eye-catcher: The building is adorned with all over 150 rosettes.

the Monte-Rosa hut, Zermatt, VS

In the mountains of the Valais Alps, the so-called mountain radiates crystal. The hut was planned within a period of six years from the Zurich ETH and built – was opened by the dazzling buildings on the 25. September 2009. The cottage is located at 2883 meters and is reached by a challenging trek over the glacier.

The family house of Stöckli, Balsthal, SO,

The young architect Pascal Flimmers put in his first order, his energy and his complete Knowledge. 2007 of that order, a family house in Balsthal was finally finished and, to this day, caused a big stir. The Interior of the house is made of fir wood and is fully adapted to the nature. In addition, the ground floor is glazed and 75 centimeters in the floor.

Pius Church, Meggen, LU

From the outside the Church, such as a conventional, white steel construction. Inside, the bright colors of the daylight lamp, however, is the only 28 mm thin marble walls. The architect referred to as the “emotional heat”, which fit perfectly to the quiet, religious atmosphere. Was built the masterpiece of Franz Füeg in the year 1966.

Tour de Moron, Malleray, BE,

The tower of Moron was built by more than 700 masons apprentices, and arose in the Transition from the second into the third Millennium. Architect Mario Botta designed the tower so that it has a wonderful view over the Jura mountains to the Alps, from Säntis to Mont Blanc. The unique spiral stairs are a popular Hiking destination.

Novartis Campus, Basel, Switzerland

The architects designed the Campus for tourists is a Must. Many big names like Sanaa, Frank O. Gehry, José Rafael Moneo Vallés, Eduardo Souto de Mouro, or Fumihiko Maki were involved in the project. Therefore, the buildings are a Magnet for architecture Fans from all over the world: The 20-acre Area generates so much interest that the Basel tourism is offering since some years, guides.