Arab countries reacted negatively to the initiatives of trump

what was your reaction to the so-called “deal of the century” in Palestine? Nothing unusual, reacted as expected.

a Great deal of tramp in Palestine expected perceived negatively. The American President could not even expensive to buy the consent of Ramallah. $ 50 billion of possible investments was not enough. In fact, even before they were released details of the settlement plan, it was clear that the “deal of the century” likely provoke another round of escalation, rather than peace.

Here is the first reaction to the “deal of the century” which Washington is presented almost as a favor to the Palestinians. Posters: “Jerusalem is not for sale”, “Down with the deal of the century”. Protesters threaten, urge, require. Overall, quite a predictable reaction. In Washington and tel Aviv, of course, understood, that it will. The presentation of the plan of the survival of Palestine on the same land with Israel reflected mainly the vision of Israel, Palestine also inclined to compromise, which she cannot afford.Fatah Hussein Hmiel emphasizes: “Until this situation brought us the American administration, which is considered the agent of the American occupation of the state. Now the Palestinian people should unite behind their leadership and through their real achievements of the Palestinian leadership to show the world the need to abandon the deal.” “We are confident that our Palestinian people will not allow these conspiracies, and so we look at all the options. The Israeli occupation and the US administration will be held accountable for what they did. It is our right to resist occupation, it is our right to resist the deal, it is our right to resist someone who is trying to cease our existence, to destroy our refuge, to take away our Jerusalem. It is our right to resist, who oppose us,” — said the representative of Hamas Khalil al-Haya,

Presidiot Palestine and leader of Fatah, Mahmoud Abbas, sharply commented on the American initiative: “Dear friends, some time ago we heard Donald trump and Benjamin Netanyahu spoke about the so-called “deal of the century”, which should bring peace. So, we believe that this transaction is nothing but a slap in the face to the world. Jerusalem is not for sale. this plot will not pass. We will not allow to neglect the historical rights of the Palestinian people. We are committed to the state of Palestine with its capital in Jerusalem.”

After these words I do not understand who trump expects to close the deal. The American leader said that the Palestinian territory will increase in two times, but it’s looking to compare. The borders of Palestine before the six day war in 1967, is much wider. “Deal of the century” suggests to consider Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel, while East Jerusalem should become the capital of Palestine. Here trump is, as always, many confused. But Netanyahu made a remark quickly. Reuters issued a statement the Israeli leader, they say, the capital of Palestine would be in Abu dis, for the guards of Jerusalem. It is unlikely the Arab world will agree that this is East Jerusalem.

there is still a lack of control over the border with Jordan, and demilitarization, and the inability to return to the occupied territories. Immediately followed by a negative reaction of Ankara: the Turkish foreign Ministry issued a statement in which “the deal of the century” is called an attempt of annexation of the Palestinian territories. Iran’s foreign Ministry announced that the Islamic Republic supports the Palestinian people in opposing the plan of the trump. In General “the deal of the century” — another argument in the Treasury of the anti-American and anti-Israel forces in the region. As a result while the peacekeeping initiative of Washington only heightened the contradictions in one of the most complex conflicts. Well, to this foreign policy style, already used, and not only in the middle East.