the Law will allow to realize the requirement of Message of the President in 2018, in which we are talking about the removal of “excesses” in the assessment of the property of citizens.

“Any methodological error in the determination of the cadastral value should be interpreted in favor of the owner, commented on the amendment, the speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin. – These errors, intentional or accidental, is always worth the money and nerves”.

In this regard, the new law, he said, will be obliged to reduce incorrect price retroactively from the first date of its inclusion in the egrn. “This will give the opportunity to require recalculation of tax payments for the entire period of incorrect entry”, – said Volodin.

in addition, to challenge the cadastral value in the pretrial order will become easier. To do this, just send a request through MFC. When you detect even one error state budget institution regions will be required to check and correct blemishes and other similar objects.

the Bill gives a new and convenient mechanism for error correction, said at the plenary session Deputy head of Roselectra Alex Bucovetsky. He cited the example of SADOVODCHESKOE TOVARISHHESTVO that is not in accordance with the cadastral valuation of their property. According to current rules, all gardeners have to deal with the challenge. And after the adoption of the amendments “when just one man will go to prove that there is an error on one parcel of land”. And then the conversion will do all gardeners, the official said.

According to the document, the Federal registration service will maintain an ongoing oversight of the cadastral evaluation. In addition, heads of institutions from this sector personally responsible for the outcome of the assessment and correct any errors. They, in particular, can be fired, if during the year the court has satisfied the claim of contesting the cadastral value.

the results of the assessment will be reviewed in public, and make changes without such an open procedure will be impossible. This will reduce the influence of regional authorities on the state cadastral agencies, stated in the explanatory note.

the Question of an unfair assessment is important both for people and for business. “Today, the cadastral value is sometimes significantly higher than the market, – said the Deputy from ER Yury Smirnov. – And the taxes you have to pay first.” In a pandemic it created an additional problem for businesses, he said.