According to Statista stand in 2017, every inhabitant in Germany $ 46.5 square meters of living space available. And the trend is rising. By 2025, the Per capita living area is about 52 square meters. In General, Tiny Houses only offer between 20 and 50 square meters of living space and are still fully in Trend.

The small houses there are either as a mobile variant, which can be pulled by a trailer or as a stationary home, which is firmly connected with the ground. Who uses his little home mobile needs – similar to a residential a street – legal car. Who built the Tiny House stationary, is legally a normal client. Then the Mini-house is considered as constructional plant and shall be subject to the state building regulations (LBO) of the respective Federal state as well as the building law book (BauGB). The Person

Tobias klingelhöfer is a lawyer and for many years as a legal expert for the ARAG operates. As a guest columnist for FOCUS Online, he informs consumers about their rights and obligations in different life situations.

approval, such as the TÜV, legislation such as the caravan

The sun behind, the sea is not, contrary to only sounds romantic, but with a mobile home on the trailer hitch not really a Problem. But who will move on German roads, you must take care of the traffic safety of the vehicle. Because mobile used, applies to a Tiny House on wheels, the road traffic law. It needs a registration, and must regularly to the main investigation, at TÜV, Dekra or co. Who has found his favorite cookie, must not, of course, easy to get there, but cars such as caravans and motor homes and also take into account the local rules for Parking and Stay the night. In order to relieve the tires of the Mini should be jacked-house on a regular basis, once a Parking space has been found.

Who wants to be use the tiny house as a permanent or main residence, not only requires a suitable plot of land. Since Living in this country is allowed only on developed land, must be connected the site to the public road and utility network for electricity and water. And you need a building permit. A prerequisite for a permit is, however, – and here it can be tricky – that the respective building plan Tiny allows Houses. You should check well in advance from the local building authorities as to whether and under what conditions a Mini-house may be erected. An energy performance certificate is not required, however, if the Tiny House is smaller than 50 square meters.

On the storage duration, it comes to

If the Mini-house is intended to be parked on a campsite or in a holiday home area, it depends on the Parking duration, as it is officially treated. The rule applies in the case of more than three months, then the Baur is real. Otherwise, the same legal rules as, for example, for long-term camper, which depend on the location of the campsite apply to Tiny Houses.

the campsite for example, in an area designated in the development plan as a residential or mixed – use area, must be qua the statutory Definition, may also be used. Provided, of course, that the property complies with the applicable provisions of the Building regulations and the Camping and weekend course regulation.

the place in “special areas, which serve to recovery” (section 10 of the land for building order) is permanent Housing in the normally taboo. According to experience, tolerate, however, many communities live the illegal life. Since an EU-Directive-based Supplement to § 12 of the Federal building code the municipalities have now also the hand, in so far as the “recreation special areas” specified areas of a residential use permit. However, you can not log in in this case, his Tiny House as a primary residence.

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