Coco Chanel once said, one should apply perfume where you want to be kissed. Whether this is always the place where the fragrance unfolds best and longest? If you want the Odor remains as long as possible, there are a few rules to observe. to find

plenty of choice

The right scent is not Easy and may turn out to be a real challenge. The choice is wide – you prefer a strong, musk-based, or a delicate flower smell? Find out what best suits you and your body smell.

On the great search, it is worthwhile to test the contenders, always at the own body. Because a fragrance is developed only in contact with the body and taste of each people in a different way! In the business-the head note unfolds, also, while the heart notes emerge later on. You wait until you could really smell both.

Because the nose tires also quickly: do not Test too many different smells at the same time, at the best not more than five to six at a time.

The right place

you have found the right perfume for you once, it raises the questions, where it is to be applied. As a General rule, choose a well perfused. These radiate heat, which increases the smell of the perfume, and him in his full magnificence to unfold. Places where the pulse can be felt, such as below the wrist, on the neck, Décolleté or in the crook of the Arms, are particularly well suited. Also behind the ear is a good place for perfume is. At the navel, a plurality of pulse-points, which radiates a lot of heat and the body to an ideal point.

The correct storage

This perfume retains its intense odor, to be kept, it should at best at a constant cool and dark place. In the bathroom it would be in contact with sharp fluctuations of temperatures and moisture, which could lead to damage. Therefore, better outside of the bathroom in a closed Cabinet store.

technology and distance

under no circumstances should you RUB the perfume on the wrists. The fragrance molecules are destroyed, and the intensity of the odour is lost. The wrists better press. It is best to also, the perfume from a distance of 20 to 30 centimeters. And remember that the fragrance molecules to fly automatically to the top, why should the Odor from the bottom to the top application.


Save your clothes: natural materials such as silk and perfume can leave stains. Synthetic clothing is blocking the scent. To give a splash of perfume on the blouse or the shirt, so the taste lasts longer, doesn’t matter. A habit you should leave the but not be.

Alternatively, you can use a perfumed tissue paper in the wardrobe. The clothing takes on the scent.


is more, Our nose does not get used relatively quickly to a smell, and as a result, we perceive our scent cloud at some point so intense – our environment. A perfume should never be Intrusive. You don’t remember, not to overdo it with the Application. One to two Sprühstösse.

the skin Before lotion

The drier, the less intense, the perfume smells like. So who has rather dry skin, you should apply cream with a neutral scent Body Lotion before the perfume is applied. So the scent molecules are longer.

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