the Organizers of the sixth all-Russian festival of Amateur family theatres “the Tale comes to your house,” opened the call for applications. The festival will take place in October, if necessary online. The forum is attended by not only family and school but also boarding schools, and orphanages. Among the old – timers theatrical family from Belarus.

the conditions of participation in this theater forum quite loyal: the main thing that the play was staged within the family and on the stage attended at least two generations of relatives. These are parents, children, uncles, aunts, grandparents, nephews… the Participants in this theater together to create the play, its staging, scenery, costumes, props, and music. And, of course, play together on stage. In festival can take part all interested families to try their hand at creating a family show. The success of any theatre group – respectful human interaction, self-education and self-improvement, friendly help, patience in work and mutual assistance. The same qualities characteristic of a strong and United family.

the Theatres appeared in Russia over 300 years ago. The most famous is a family – run community theater in the family Alexeyev, in which he started to create the young Konstantin Stanislavsky.

– I don’t know where we are going 13 October – said the rector of Theatrical Institute. B. Shchukin, people’s artist of Russia, partner of the festival as part of a comprehensive program Evgeny Knyazev. – Whether will allow children to come to Moscow and show performances? We receive the online format, which does not replace live communication. During a pandemic, the poor parents had to quit work and sit with children on remote. Those who know how to inspire, understand how it is possible to arrange the training locked in. Ready to hold classes for all the participants online. We have already tested. Some classes in acting, stage speech and movement. Will this benefit? Benefit those who wants to take. The future of the country in the younger generation.

In the regions of the “School family theater”, where the teachers taught drama, directing, stage speech, stage movement, dance. The winners of the regional festivals become members of the all-Russian festival and as a training program take a course of master classes in theatre Institute. Boris Shchukin.

– this year’s Festival is a special festival. The trouble that we not just survive, but will make less unpleasant, – said the Executive Director of the Russian public organization “national parents organization of social support of families and protection of family values,” co-founder of the festival Larisa Saratovskaya. – Organizers have all the technical opportunities��and skills to provide not only the festival, but the annual theatre workshops.

– Elements of the acting profession is important in any business, – continued Yevgeny Knyazev. – We work with teachers. The teacher is a kind of artist. With ancient Greece, theatre was treated as the physician of the soul. Than strong people? The fact that he lives according to moral laws. We, the artists, accustomed to the viewer. But communication around the world – online. People can’t look each other in the eye. If you send recorded shows, you need to learn the profession of a cameraman and cutter. For half a semester and our Institute went online. Can’t say that it’s great. We read online lectures that deal with communication, the impact on the viewer is difficult. I’m a man of the time when there were many Amateur theatres. In a pandemic, the whole family can be creative.

this year the boundaries of competition expanded. We accept families from Belarus. We generated a library of the festival. At least two years, the site contains the speeches of the participants, photos. Also posted some specific workshops that are aimed to work with family, – said the artistic Director of the Theatre a good tale, co-founder and festival Director Vyacheslav Naumenko. – By a presidential grant to Moscow will be able to bring participants from sparsely populated Far East. The theme of this year’s festival, which fit within four walls, the actual after the last isolation – “Family as a source of inspiration.” And we will create a single space, which we call a theatre family.

In the jury of the festival in different years took part people’s artist of Russia Evgeny Knyazev, people’s artist of Russia Dmitry Pevtsov, who will speak on the Bottom of the Union state at “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk-2020”, people’s artist of Russia Stanislav Gelaskin, people’s artist of USSR, composer Eugene Doga, actress Olga Budina, people’s artist of Russia Sergei Andriyaka, at the Academy which she has had master classes Union state.