Eric Stauffer (54) was a lot of things – including the leader of the populist Mouvement citoyens genevois. Now he would like for the BDP in the national Council, so for a party that sees itself today as a pragmatic counter-movement to the populist SVP.

Just days after becoming aware of Stauffers plans, the national party leadership refused his application for membership. Lorenz Hess (58, BE), national Council and Vice-President of the BDP: “if Mr Stauffer and the Geneva BDP emphasize that we pursue similar goals: The Reputation of a candidate is derived from his political past.” So passe Stauffer is not seen on the BDP.

resignation at Geneva BDP

And in General: “In General, is not a member of the national party, but at the cantonal section. Even if we wanted to, we could not accommodate Stauffer.”

This, in turn, the Geneva BDP: President Thierry Vidonne, who had made for Stauffer, stark, angered by his resignation, said on Friday. Hess and co. want to keep Vidonne: He may have responded a bit emotionally, so Hess. “He should think about it again, he could stay out of sight of the BDP Switzerland, President of the Geneva section.”