Apple unveiled yesterday in Cupertino, California to its new Streaming service. Apple TV+, the “new platform for the most creative Storyteller in the world”, comes in the autumn of 2019, and focuses on exclusivity: Apple wants to make Streaming giants such as Netflix or Amazon with its own productions, and Hollywood-Stars competition.

the various Apple productions were Presented on stage at the Steve Jobs theater of the Actresses Jennifer Aniston (50) and Reese Witherspoon (42), “Aquaman”-Star Jason Momoa (39), talk show host icon Oprah Winfrey (65), as well as the Directors and producers J. J. Abrams (52) and Steven Spielberg (72). The Stars told almost, in what shows, movies or documentaries you will be involved in each case.

Sci-Fi: “the lake”

Jason Momoa plays on the side of “12 Years a Slave”Star Alfre Woodard (66) in the futuristic Sci-Fi Drama “the lake”, the main role. Momoa embodies in a world in which all of humanity has Voss lost after a Virus, the eyes, the fearless warrior Baba. Suddenly, the twins are born, the can see, everything changes. The Fantasy series of Steven Knight, Francis Lawrence (“The hunger games was written”) is directing the movie. Expected to have ten episodes.

Drama: “The Morning Show”

Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell (56), are together for a Drama in front of the camera, which revolves around the world of Morning shows. The series is dedicated to the women and men, the America, help Wake up in the morning. According to Aniston in “The Morning Show” to issues that people “discuss only behind closed doors”. Expected to have two squadrons à ten episodes. Steve Carell is to play the Breakfast television presenter Mitch Kessler, the effort to remain in the fast-paced media world.

Witherspoon and Aniston do not play roles only the main, but with to produce the series. “The Morning Show” will be based on the book “Top of the Morning: Inside the Cutthroat World of Morning TV” (2013) by the American journalist and CNN reporter Brian Stelter.

Comedy: “ Little America

The Pakistani “The Big Sick”Star and Comedian Kumail Nanjiani (41) presented at the Keynote of its “Little America”. The series tells the stories of immigrants in America, were inspired by real people and from the “Epic Magazine” recorded: This should be funny and romantic to inspirational and surprising. Expected to have eight episodes. Nanjiani wrote and produced “Little America” with his wife Emily V. Gordon (39).

Doc : “ Toxic lab”

talk master Oprah Winfrey, who wrote in the past year, a multi-year contract with Apple, turns two documentaries. “Toxic lab” is, among other things, sexual harassment in the workplace. The second Doc is concerned with mental health, depression, Anxiety, Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder. Reading rat Oprah wants to start at Apple is also (again) a book club.

romance-Comedy: “Little Voice

In the J. J. Abrams same reason series “Little Voice” is about a musician in New York who wants to start and in the hard industry, your voice needs to be found. The Soundtrack is by musician Sara Bareilles (39, “Love Song”).

children’s TV: sesame street

Also, for the Small Apple has an exclusive series: In cooperation with sesame street, Apple is working on the pre-Show, “The help TERS,” in which the characters solve problems through Coding.

Mystery: “ Amazing Stories

Steven Spielberg makes for Apple, a new edition of its cult Show from the 1985 “Amazing Stories”. With “amazing stories”, the German title, the audience can expect a Horror – and Mystery-series: So it is about a Pilot in the second world war, the aircraft travels of a sudden by the time and in the presence lands, betrayed Spielberg at the Keynote. He makes “Black Mirror” of the Netflix competition?

Comedy: “ Dickinson”

Hailee Steinfeld (22) plays the American poet Emily Dickinson (1830-1886). The series is a Coming-of-Age Story with a modern twist and was dealing among other things with Dickinson’s role as a woman and poet in the 19th century. Century.

Crime: “Are You Sleeping?”

“The Help”Star Octavia Spencer (46) plays in the adaptation of Kathleen Barber’s eponymous detective on the side of Lizzy Caplan (36) or Aaron Paul (39) the main role. Produced the series of Reese Witherspoon. In the Psycho-Thriller, a family tries to the mysterious death of his father to educate. Expected to have ten episodes.

Apple is expected to have many more productions in the quiver: In the Keynote a slide with a myriad of names was shown, which were brought in for the Streaming App on Board. Including Stars and artists such as Bill Murray (68), Chris Evans (37), Richard Gere (69), Ewan McGregor (47) or Brie Larson (29). How many liters of Apple TV+ the User cost and when is the service for Switzerland is available, will be announced this fall. Here you can read the Ticker for Apple Keynote.