In 2021, Apple will release the first wireless iPhone. The device will lose port for charging and data transfer, according to MacRumors citing an insider Fudge.

According to Fudge, who had unveiled the new iPhone with lidar, Apple rejected a prototype of a smartphone with USB port-C. In 2020, the manufacturer will release a device with a Lightning connector, but this will be the last iPhone with a similar interface. Generation of smartphones 2021 will receive the contact group Smart Connector, which is found in the tablet line of iPad Pro.

The source noted that the new smartphone generation 2021, which is conditionally called the iPhone 13, the charging will be done through a new Smart Connector, and with the help of technology Qi wireless connection. But Apple wants to give up all physical interfaces, holes and buttons in the future and hopes to retrain consumers of their products use the wireless charging.

The publication noted that the disappearance of all the buttons and ports of the iPhone will increase the reliability of the device will reduce the likelihood of failures and breakdowns. Also, users of devices will be able to completely abandon the bulky accessories, like cables for charging.

In recent years, Apple has abandoned the usual elements in smartphones. In 2016, the company released the iPhone 7, which is a touch Home button and lost the audio connection. In 2017, the manufacturer introduced iPhone X, which removed the Home button and added gesture control.