Apple updated the iPhone and iPad: what's new in iOS 13.4

Apple has released a major update of the operating system for all their devices – from iPhone and iPad to Macs and consoles to Apple TV. The main “through” update – ability to grant specific users access to the folders in iCloud, but it’s not the only one.

the Most noticeable new feature is the ability to use an iPad mouse and trekpada. Limited support for these devices appeared in iPadOS 13, but the activation function of the cursor was hidden in the universal access and looked unfinished.

Now to the iPad (and not only to the flagship models) you can connect any Bluetooth mouse or trackpad and a full (but not exactly like Mac, but with the features of the tablet) to edit tables, select text and perform familiar multi-touch gestures without raising the hands to the screen.

in addition, a new opportunity has emerged from software developers – they can now sell your app through the App Store for iPad and Mac at the same time. That is, the users who bought it on one of the platforms that will be able to avoid paying again to use it on another.

Text: To.Hi-tech