Apple Techontwikkelaar that Apple has just put up a new model of the iPad Pro, an upgraded version of the Macbook Air, is proposed. During the presentation, but it will still be available on the website.

It’s a bit of timing to get a new product out, now that all the Apple stores around the world, with the exception of China, have closed due to the outbreak of the corona virus. But Apple will, therefore, be a further development of the products.

The biggest innovation of the new model of the iPad Pro, according to Apple, is a ground-breaking LiDAR scanner and a trackpad, and mouse support. The latter were the users for quite a long time to wait, now that the iPad is becoming more powerful to use. According to Apple, would be that the cursor is not in the same way as on a normal laptop, but the user will get an entirely different experience for the iPad. It added that the tablet will have a new A12Z Bionic chip in the tablet, according to Apple, is faster and more powerful than most laptops that run on Windows.