Problems logging into Apple TV Plus

A half-dozen SIGHT-readers have reported difficulties logging in to the new Streaming service of Apple. For anyone who has bought a new Apple Device such as iPhone, 11, get the subscription in the first year for free. But always only the usual Free-Login for a week, could be solved.

Sometimes, the Problem left to solve, in which you have to log out of the Apple Login and then re-connects. Sometimes it worked on another device such as an iPad. Other Users, in turn, came in to enjoy the Free subscription for a year, although they had not purchased a new device. What is of course less bad.

totally confusing TV-App

To log in, you have to find the TV Plus service only once. The has no own App, but is hidden in the normal TV-App from Apple. There is no separate tab for Streaming, but everything is wildly mixed. Clicking enthusiastically to the “Captain Marvel” and would like to have a look, you realize that this is a purchase Film for 20 francs. This happens by the way, if you are actually in the TV-Plus range, also there a recommended running Videos, the cost in addition.

Anywhere you find in the middle of it but the Teaser “Discover TV”, where you get an Overview of what will be offered at all. But also there is a mess. For example, the movie “The Elephant Queen” is to be found only in the Overview and not under “premieres on Apple TV+”. All other contents are to be found in two places.

The Overview is by the way is also on the iPad or the Apple TV Box is not better. No comparison to the Apple Arcade. The also recently launched game service has a own area, so you can see exactly what is included, what titles there are and what is just a new addition.

Frightening a few contents to Start

Who is a well-stocked video library like Netflix used to, the scares. Just four series for adults, and three children’s series and a movie animal Apple offers for the Start of the new Service. Fireworks looks different.

Clearly, with six francs per month, the service is very convenient and there is constantly new content to come. However, from a large company such as Apple was expected to Start a bit more. And you also get the feeling that Apple is really stingy and not to show off the many users who make use of the accessible to all Free week, Yes a lot of wants.

Three of the four flagship series, which also is advertised to have only three consequences. In the weekly rhythm of new episodes to come – this Information must not search for, significantly, yourself on the Internet, in the Apple-TV-App to find them. Series fans currently have Apple TV, Plus in a couple of days, “looked through”.

No blast series and a lot of Apple ads

What’s missing from the new service, is a series that you must necessarily have seen. Especially “The Morning Show” with the big star cast such as Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. In the TV-world based series is able to hold a until the second episode. But even then: There is no production, on which the whole world speaks about the Netflix production “house of money” or “Orange is the new black”.

another Problem is that The current offer is focused on the U.S. audience. Of the style as well as content. For example, a solid-made Mainstream productions such as the moon series, “For all mankind”.

Refreshingly unconventional, quite bloody and rough the lake is, after all, “– the Kingdom of the Blind”. However, this series presents the family-claim of the Apple in question. Because the production is recommended from the age of 16, is next to “Snoopy” to. A parental control there.

Annoying: – d is self-promotion. Of course, the protagonists use iPhones. And, of all things, in the children’s series “Four friends and the spirit hand” is the Apple-phone is omnipresent and Intrusive, often kept in the camera. All that’s missing is that the villains use Android devices.

Android Users, and many TV-user

be excluded While Netflix and other Streaming services on all possible platforms is the Apple TV Plus a non-as. Clearly, it runs on all Apple devices. But as an Android user, you can not enjoy the service on-the-go.

And also, on most TVs the App to no avail. Only new Samsung TV from this year and last year, will allow you to upgrade. A detailed list can be found on the Apple website.

After all, reasonable price and great image quality

In some areas, can Apple quite. So the price is not really high. The subscription that you can cancel on a monthly basis, will cost only 6 francs, and is massively cheaper than Netflix, which costs a minimum of 11.90 Swiss francs per month. In addition, Apple’s consumer-friendly. You can on a monthly basis, bear witness to, and the subscription in the household with the entire family. Six people can simultaneously watch different content, in the case of Netflix, it is the most expensive subscription is only four.

Great, the technical implementation of the offer. The picture quality is 4K resolution and Dolby Vision exceptionally well. The Sound impresses with Dolby Atmos, all around, the series are dubbed in English, if you want to. In addition, there are subtitles in dozens of languages. Also you can download all the content, and offline view, is exemplary.

Why, you can but the series also look edgewise on the phone, and often the protagonists are not even in the picture, it remains, like so many other decisions around the TV-Streaming service is the secret of Apple.