Facebook launched a market research App with a far-reaching data access to Apple over iPhones. This now has consequences: Apple deleted Facebook certificates for enterprise Apps – and now also many internal applications of the Online go-network.

The controversy to a market research App from Facebook, which gave the whole of the activities on a Smartphone, is now affecting the Software development for the online network.

Facebook had placed the App on iPhones to Apple over a function that allows companies to bring in-house applications to employees ‘ devices. The App to distribute in this way to external participants in the study, was a violation of the rules of the service, stressed Apple and Facebook, withdrew on Wednesday the certificates.

Test-Apps for future versions of the

Since then, the internal Test Apps were, for example, for future versions of Instagram or Messenger on iPhone of the Facebook staff, reported, among other things, the technology Blog “The Verge” and the financial service Bloomberg.

also, the App, on the Facebook, the transportation of employees organized to be Affected. In an internal circular of Facebook, the online network was in talks with Apple about the Situation, wrote on the Website “Business Insider”.

The App “Facebook Research” could be used to access the requested permissions, among other things, to conversations in Chat services, sent photos and Videos, addresses of visited sites and data from positioning applications, said IT security expert Wants to Stra compartment according to an analysis of the application of the Blog “TechCrunch”.

it remained Unclear so far what information Facebook was actually interested in. Users of the App are between the ages of 13 and 35 years, would receive for participation up to $ 20 a month, it was said.

conflict intensified tensions

Facebook stressed that users had been informed of the data collection – and in the case of Minors, the confirmation of the parents by had been calls. At the same time, the Online network announced that since 2016 used App for the study of Online habits. Facebook is interested in the early identification of Trends in the behavior of the users of its services to adapt or successful services to buy.

The conflict intensified already existing tensions between the two companies. So Apple CEO Tim Cook had repeatedly criticized Facebook’s handling of user data, and the business model of the online network is delimited. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg described such criticism as “slick”.

Meanwhile, came out that Google is a market research App with wide-ranging access to company certificates on iPhones. The Internet group-pulled it back and said “TechCrunch”, that it was a mistake. (SDA/pbe)