Apple is ready to postpone the release of the iPhone 12 to winter

the Apple is preparing for a possible postponement of the release of their first iPhone-enabled 5G networks since the beginning of autumn at a later date. This writes the Nikkei Asian Review, citing informed sources.

to Consider the company pushes the likely reduction in demand due to pandemic coronavirus, delays in development due to restrictions on international travel and the requirements of the regime of self-isolation, as well as possible problems in the supply chain. The idea is to postpone the announcement of the smartphone, the source is scheduled for September 2020, for “months.”

“in Addition to supply problems, Apple fears that the current situation will significantly reduce the willingness of users to upgrade their devices, causing the first iPhone 5G will meet cool, – said the publication of one of the sources. – They also need to be first with 5G iPhone became a hit.”

Apple is already behind on the year’s major competitors – Samsung and Huawei, which released the first devices with support of set of new generation planned for 2019. earlier this year, Apple has set itself an ambitious goal, putting suppliers that they must be prepared to ensure the production of up to 100 million devices in 2020. in addition, the company planned to release four different models of the smartphone.

currently, Apple is carefully watching the situation with the epidemic of coronavirus in the United States and Europe – the two largest markets for our company, accounting for more than half of sales – to understand whether to postpone the release of new products. Probably, the final decision is taken to cancel the orders of the authorities in California about the mandatory isolation of employees of vital enterprises. Another source said that the company will have to determine the plans no later than may.

it was Assumed that from the beginning of March Apple will work closely with suppliers to Refine the final prototypes of new smartphones. First, however, this process requires close communication and test devices had to be postponed until the end of the month. Then, when the situation with coronavirus in the United States worsened, it was postponed again.

“We don’t give up. We do everything we can to resolve this issue”, – said the publication source directly familiar with the situation. Another interviewee noted that the discussion of the transfer of the announcement of new products is the “early stages” and the possibility of the new iPhone in the fall remains.

Text: To.Hi-tech