2019 should be the year of the foldable phones. But in the meantime the Revolution of flexible Screens is quite come to a Halt. You can buy model no, although half a dozen have been announced.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was almost in the shops and then had to be due to problems with the mechanism withdrawn. Also, the test device of VIEW was affected. Since then, it is unclear whether the foldable Samsung ever on the market.

Also in the case of Huawei, it has become careful. The first of the summer announced Mate X now comes at the earliest in September. An official date is not yet confirmed.

Foldable iPad instead of a foldable iPhone

Now there are rumors that Apple is working on a foldable Gadget. The often well-informed data company IHS, Markit reported, according to the Chinese financial website Evonomic Daily News.

However, Apple is not supposed to work on an iPhone with a bendable screen, but on an iPad. It is still not quite clear whether the iPad is really a screen that you can fold in the middle, or separate screens. However, such an iPad would be for Apple is a Revolution.

could look Like such a iPad, has unveiled the Apple-accessories-manufacturer Luna display ever. And also, the analysts confirm that a folding Tablet big would. Talk like two 12.9-inch iPads, but of course less thick, and overall slimmer and lighter than a regular 13-inch Macbook.

Large Screens is to bend easier than small

Actually, it would be a logical step, because Apple developed the iPad in the direction of Laptop replacement more. Just with the new operating system iOS 13, comes in the autumn and about in the area of Multitasking, mouse support, and connecting USB devices goes further than ever before.

With a huge, retractable touch screen you could use the iPad even better as a Multimedia Device, at the same time, but also a Notebook Feel to it. One half of the screen could be used as a keyboard or as a Touchpad for the pen, the other as a screen.

Logical step would be also, because it is a large device like the iPad is easier to build the bending mechanism and the hinge is sturdy and secure than a Smartphone.

As a professional device only with the new mobile radio standard 5G and Apple, according to matching analysts ‘ voice Reports, is worth, at the earliest, 2020, this technology incorporates, one must not hope to predict on a foldable iPhone.