Two years after the last major product Offensive in the market of Tablet Computer Apple has unveiled on Wednesday four new iPad models. The new iPad Pro were equipped with a faster A12Z Bionic Chip. Especially Augmented Reality (AR) to benefit from the better Hardware equipment, which also includes a newly-developed ultra-wide-angle camera, and a new Lidar Scanner. In AR, virtual content is displayed on a Display of the real environment are mixed. With Lidar-scanners, keys, for example, self-driving cars of their environment.

Lidar is a Radar-related technology. Instead of radio waves are emitted from a 3D Scanner, but laser pulses, which can not be detected by the human eye. If you encounter objects, they are reflected. Thus, AR can detect applications dimensions in a space exactly, including the items. In a Video Demonstration, a Manager of the Swedish furniture house Ikea before, like exactly living covered space and with virtual furniture and furnishings can be equipped.

Apple has the camera of the iPad more

developed The Pro camera system on the iPad Pro has a 12 Megapixel wide angle camera for photos and 4K Video, and now includes a ten-Megapixel ultra-wide-angle-camera to two times the zoom out and Capture a much larger field of view

The new iPad-Generation is supposed to announced at an Event in California. Against the Background of the travel and Assembly restrictions by the Coronavirus crisis, Apple waved then an announcement on the Internet.

Best offer

iPad models in the future with new keyboard

With the new iPad models, Apple continues to expand, according to experts, its leadership in the top segment of the market. In the case of the cheaper Tablet computers including models from Amazon, Samsung, Lenovo, and other manufacturers play a role, which usually put on the Google Android operating system.

The new Apple-models can be operated similar to a Laptop. The company has presented a new keyboard for the iPad-Pro-models, in which also a Trackpad built in. Until now, Apple had kept of the operation with a mouse or Trackpad on iPad distance. The new iPads will be offered in four models, with a 11-inch screen or with a 12.9-inch Display, and either only with the Wi-Fi connection option, or with cellular (LTE). The devices cost between just under 880 Euro and just under 1270 Euro. To sites, in spite of the adverse circumstances with weeks of reduced capacity in the production in China next week, be commercially available. The Apple Stores are currently closed, however, because of the Coronavirus-crisis preliminary.

MacBook Air is also

revised On the virtual Event, Apple also introduced an improved Version of the MacBook Air. Revised Apple has the Macbook Air. In the 13-inch Notebook Intel Core i-processors, the tenth Generation to work well, including four-core CPUs are available, and the minimum memory has been doubled to 256 gigabytes (GB). In addition, a Keyboard with scissors mechanics in the machines now used. It replaces the ultra-thin Butterfly keyboards that had caused many users problems. The prices for the new, in Gold, silver and grey, Macbook Air start at 1200 Euro.

prices and availability of the new iPad models

  • The new iPad Pro is from now on and in the Apple Store App in 30 countries and regions, including the USA, are available. The iPad Pro will be, according to Apple, starting next week, will be available in stores.
  • The 11″ iPad Pro starts at a price of 879 euros for the Wi-Fi model and of 1,049 euros for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model, and a 12.9″ iPad Pro is available from 1.099 Euro for the Wi-Fi model and 1.269 euros for the Wi-Fi + Cellular model available.

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