Apple has been informed about the shortage of iPhone and spare parts

Apple told the employees engaged in the maintenance of smartphones, which issued to customers at the time of repair replacement and some spare parts, within the next three to four weeks will be in short supply.

this writes Bloomberg with reference to the employees of the service centers at the Apple Store. The reason for the deficit is a failure in the supply chain caused by the suspension of production in China and other countries from the outbreak of the novel coronavirus. The publication notes that the deficit observed in retail, referring primarily to the flagship models of the iPhone line, and 11 of the iPad Pro.

About future supply problems Apple has already warned the head of the company Tim cook in mid-February, told investors that the company expects to achieve in the current quarter, target revenue, and the availability of the iPhone across the world will be “temporarily restricted”. However, this did not follow directly that the problems will affect existing products, including “replacement” iPhone.

However, the company has allowed its service centres in case of problems, send customers replacement devices mail after they arrive in the warehouse. Bloomberg also notes that almost all Apple stores in China, akrivastina due to the outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19, now opened again.

Text: To.Hi-tech