it takes earth to circumnavigate the sun in exactly 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, and 46 seconds. Roughly similar to the hard in stone the two-year cycle seemed to be carved a long time for new phone models. Who extended his contract for 24 months, received free or massively reduced in a mobile phone of the latest Generation, paid this indirectly via the subscription fees. Transparent, how much is this going to cost the customer per month, has not been made. In the case of a contract extension to 12 months, there was still a bit of a discount.

an average of four years

Now is the end of it. Most of the Telecom companies have a subscription and buying a mobile phone, now decoupled, most recently, Swisscom, two weeks ago, (EYES reported). This Trend is not only in Switzerland but worldwide.

For the device manufacturer that develops a massive Problem. Because suddenly, you can no longer sell to the consumer every two years a new device. According to a new study by the US analysts, Toni Sacconaghi, the duration, until the Otto-normal consumer replaced his iPhone, until today, at four years of increases, as high as never before. In 2018 there were an average of three years only, as Sacconaghi said on Friday in front of the media.

indebted to the Partially self

Apple CEO Tim Cook (58) had confirmed the trend already in January: “Our customers will retain their old iPhones for a little bit longer than they used to,” he said. “This and the macroeconomic factors in the emerging countries, explain why the sales of the new iPhones is 15 percent below the previous year’s level.”

That the customers hold on to their old iPhone, but is also made in-house. So Sacconaghi called in addition to the new sales tactics of the Telecom companies also, Apple’s Initiative, with the help of which you could even exchange last year, his cell phone battery cheaper.

generally, the following applies: the quality of The equipment is now so high that they survive mostly without problems three or four years. However, they also have their price – the new devices today are much more expensive than it used to. So the cheapest Version will cost of the latest Apple flagship model iPhone XS 1200 francs. (kst)

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