Actually, Apple Arcade only comes on Thursday night. As soon as Apple Users have downloaded the new Version of the operating system iOS 13, you will find in the App Store, a new section with the name “Arcade”. There, you can start with a click the free trial month, and then the Game plan will cost six francs per month.

since the Monday night free Arcade games for users of the Beta Version is accessible and can be tried. However, it is not really a Streaming Service, but a kind of additional Store, with currently nearly 60 Games. Continuously every month to get new ones. These appear to be exclusive to Apple Arcade. That’s not to say that you are in the Store and available for Android. Other Gaming platforms such as Playstation, Nintendo, Switch or Xbox are not excluded.

No game streaming, the games occupy up to 4 GB of memory

The Games download normally on the device, as well as other Apps. The needed to 3 or 4 GB of storage space per game, but has the advantage that you can gamble without an Internet connection.

And how is the Game selection at the Start? Anyone who clicks through, many quite complex, beautifully produced games with to claim. There’s interesting stories with eye-catching graphics will have to be told.

The first impression: Apple Arcade is aimed at a lot of players who had purchased around two Games per month. More challenging fare, so Indie titles that you don’t necessarily find in the Charts. For these Users is likely to pay off the subscription, even alone, because you don’t get to title, the for Apple.

One difficulty is that the games should function on different platforms. On the iPhone, but also on the iPad, on the TV with AppleTV and also on the Mac.

Little Games for the mass market, but at a great price

mass appeal, Apple does not meet with the selection to the Start necessarily. Looking at the Charts of the purchased Games, then there’s a lot of simulators, racing games, building Games, or even well-known Brands such as “GTA”. In the case of Apple Arcade, it is in these areas find it hard.

are Very popular games in us Free. Here are the Charts of Puzzles and small games of skill to be dominated. Games for in Between, but often with a lot of advertising, or the infamous In-App purchases nervous. Who hoped to find something like that as an ad-free Version will also be disappointed, for the most part.

Still, With six francs per month, Apple Arcade is really very cheap. In addition, the whole family can use a single subscription. Ideal if you have children. And maybe this from the demanding offer can attract, even if a few of the typical games for Teens and children are including.

A big question mark is after the first Test of whether Apple can quality hold. So, consuming games at a flat price to sell them on the duration for the game studios are not easy. Maybe Apple grabs the opportunity and aligns the offer with the time a little stronger on children, Teens, and the mass taste. Even if the at risk, of course, the business model of a few producers so far, with massive ads or In-App advertising earn a lot of money rip off.

Some of the new Games in the first Test

Motorways : is One of the few Mini-games in Between. You have to build roads, houses and office buildings and the transport system alive. Simple graphics, catchy game – with the risk of addiction.

Reign : Mini-building game in which you duel with other people. Fast troops, and the enemy base to destroy a game to the end. Can you gamble online against other opponents. To simple fast and funny, almost a little.

Sayonara : Graphically cool-made racing game that convinces with a great Soundtrack. But you have to just really open up the throttle, but the rhythm feeling prove to be a turbulent roller-coaster ride. This is likely to be executed many a beginner something like the Retro Design.

here, Too, the Intro is reminiscent of old Comic book series with superheroes. But after that, it is primarily a game of skill in which you hop through the house and not on the floor must come up. Because the floor is made of bubbling Lava. With a Controller the game is much easier to cope with than the touch screen

Assemble : A little fairy tale mood, and again and again sequences of a picture book to remember. The game is for children probably a bit demanding. You need to patch up with the increasing difficulty of things – from the cassette recorder up to the porcelain figure.

Intercept : Fast-paced racing game with lots of Action and shooting. Like everything at Apple, Arcade, not really brutal. The unusual Angular perspective is not used to, the count convinced the game really.