iHLN, Apple, and BMW’s seem to be working together on a new technology that allows users to create their car to be able to unlock it with an iOS device. The site 9to5Mac has discovered, in the software iOS, 14, the latest-generation of Apple’s operating system. Up until now, the digital car of the BMW is only available on Android.

Your co-operation is likely to be a part of the CarKey: a joint initiative of several major original-equipment manufacturers and the myriad of cars, to the conventional ignition key is replaced by the smartphone of the driver. Users will be able to set it to, for example, only in the trunk of your car to open them, but they are using the app and their car will start. BMW has some models already have a digital key for your smartphone, but that will only work on smartphones using the Android operating system. In addition, users have the phone in their pocket, and the portiergreep to the car to unlock it.

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the next generation of The digital key will have a separate NFC chip, which the phone will no longer appear, the need to pick it up. An important new feature is that the system even works when the phone battery is empty.BMW denies it or confirms it, the rumor is not. Apple has not yet responded. The car maker, and the electronics worked together before then, BMW is the first wireless version of CarPlay in models that have integrated. Ironically, it was the courtship between Apple and BMW are suddenly gone, when the digital key needed to be developed. There seems, therefore, to change.