Deputy of the Parliament of South Korea Ryu Hojon appeared at the legislative Assembly in a light mini-dress with red-and-blue-and-white print evoked the anger of the citizens. This drew the attention of CNN.

Internet users lashed out against the MP, accusing it of selecting unsuitable for such an event clothes. “Soon she will come to work in bikinis”, “Is that a bar?” wrote the indignant users. Others questioned its merits, remembering that 27-year-old Hojan — the youngest member of the National Assembly.

Gojon explained that the outfit in order to destroy the tradition of the lawmakers wearing suits. She added that the authority of the National Assembly is not based on suits.

justice Party, member of which is Deputy, spoke in its support. “We absolutely cannot agree with the voices that expose a woman’s policy as insufficiently qualified, assessing her appearance and image, not its legislative work”, — says the statement of the faction.

the Deputy from the Democratic party To Min-Jung supported his colleague, thanking her “for the violation of excessively solemn and authoritarian atmosphere of the National Assembly”.

In 2019, users made fun of the former Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada Hope Savchenko, which came on the birthday of journalist Dmitry Gordon in feminine attire. She appeared in a black dress knee length with slit, shimmering Nude tights and suede shoes.