In the Zurich brunau Park tenants go to the barricades. Recently, all have received the notice of termination. 250 apartments are to be razed and a new settlement soft. This was decided by the owner, the pension Fund of Credit Suisse (CS).

The residents oppose the plans – an unequal fight. Because as the past shows, the tenant is usually on the losing side.

the fate of the inhabitants on zollikerstrasse in Zurich for such a defeat. The Block also belongs to a pension Fund of the Zürcher Kantonalbank. In November 2017, the approximately 40 tenant received the notice (EYES reported). Reason: The property has been completely renovated. Irene Hasler (59) and Kurt Rosenberger (69) also had to take off, you’ll be today at the edge of the city. “Our environment is still on the Zollikerstrasse,” says Rosenberger.

No way back

by all means fought the Concerned against the decision to assist with the tenant Association, launched a Petition. Even Micha Schiwow (57, AL) the local Council intervened. Nothing helped.

Within a year the tenants had to leave their homes. In the meantime, the renovation is in full swing. 1. September, are rented apartments to two and a half times the price. Ex-resident of Yvonne Seligmann (69): “When I saw the prices, I realized that I can never come back.”

The months after the cancellation, the absolute low was the point. The apartment of the bare Horror search. Seligman reported on 56 ads, only got Rejections or no response at all. “To find my age in Zurich, is as good as impossible,” she says.

tenants will feel from ZKB alone

left Only after Seligmann decided, with her daughter (40) to move in together, they received a commitment. The two now live in a duplex in Zurich-Oerlikon. Against the pension Fund of ZKB, the Elderly woman is raising strong allegations: “you don’t have search at all supports in to the apartment. We were completely on our own.”

It had promised to the house immediately after the expulsion: You will implement the notice as “socially responsible a manner as possible”. “Those were beautiful words, but empty promises”, railed Ex-resident of Adelaide Schär (69). The pension Fund had not proposed to her an apartment that she liked. After that, radio silence.

Sad memories of the great neighborhood

The ZKB stressed to GLANCE, you’ve adhered to the promise and the residents of exclusive offers from the housing stock to the pension Fund made. In addition, we have extended the period of notice.

Adelheid Schär has finally found a small old apartment in Zurich-Fluntern. At her former home, she thinks wistfully: “I miss the great neighborhood.”

It runs mostly as: investment companies, or pension funds to buy angejahrte settlements and housing blocks. The buildings to be demolished or renovated. Long term tenants are pushed out, as from the Zurich Brunau settlement. Renovations also in Zurich’s Seefeld district, the Rents become prohibitive. In 2017, the pension Fund of the Zürcher Kantonalbank announced Strasse 33 tenants at the Zolliker, to renovate the property. At that time, Rents were between 1500 and 2000 Swiss francs. Starting in July, the apartments are re-rented – most of the cost now with the 4000 francs. At the beginning of June a VIEW of Sabrina Müller* (52, photo), who lived 21 years in the settlement and then had to get out reported. Support for the apartment you have get hardly. Today she lives outside of Zurich – an apartment in the city can no longer afford them. She says: “I feel uprooted.” Also the residents of a settlement in Regensdorf ZH has been canceled because the Building will be demolished in the fall. Thereafter, newly built, Rents are on the rise. * Name has been changed Maren Meyer