garden, furniture, beds, Sofas, lamps, rugs, decorative items: Instead of buying, you can rent the range of the Online furniture retailer Beliani now.

From 99 Swiss francs in the month, the complete device can be used by Beliani. Is included in the delivery in the apartment, including construction and disposal of the old pieces of furniture. After the expiry of 24 months ‘ subscriptions, customers can trade in either the furniture with new Designs and purchase a new subscription or the furniture keep and a 50% reduction in subscription costs to pay. There is also the possibility of the furniture back added is.

Several vendors are already on the market,

New is the rental of housing facilities in Switzerland, but it is not. Different providers of Leihmöbeln with different concepts and target groups, there are already (LOOK told).

Other providers, such as the Swedish furniture giant Ikea is expected to follow soon. Has announced Ikea its Leihmöbel also longer. The exact date for the lease-Start to private customers, but is still open, so Ikea on request.

Trend to rent instead of buying

Rent or lease, instead of buy, increasingly seems to be a Trend. Not least due to the Trend towards sustainability. But also, car leasing and mobile phone subscriptions in Switzerland are already almost normal. “Also on Swiss roads, a large leased is part of the cars, so why not furniture use have instead? If you rent an apartment, you can also refer to the appropriate device in the subscription and regularly with the institution refresh. When moving the annoying furniture eliminates the move,” says Stephan Widmer, CEO and Co-founder of Beliani.