It is 100 years since Kjell Aukrust was born. Now Aukruststiftelsen taken over the keys to his apartment at Nordstrand in Oslo. It is just as it was abandoned when the man with the marvelous imagination died 17 years ago.

This opens up new opportunities for the House Aukrust, says general manager Kjell-Erik Nordahl.

Photo: Knut Rørsrud

the Leader of the House Aukrust in Alvdal, Kjell-Erik Nordahl, wanders inquisitively around.

– This is a treasure trove of dimensions. This year, we rejoice to exhibit, so people can see, ” he says.

the Apartment is full of drawings, paintings and writings. Aukruststiftelsen to take care of all this and other things that tell the story of Kjell Aukrust their creative and productive lives.

– This opens up completely new possibilities for the House Aukrust in Alvdal, norway. Now we get access to something entirely new, which neither we nor the audience has seen before, ” says Kjell-Erik Nordahl.

Solan and Ludvig specific

the Apartment and everything it contains provides a new insight in Kjell Aukrust his life and work. He and his wife Kari lived together in an apartment, while Tim had his own kunstnerleilighet in the floor above.

Nephew of Kjell Aukrust, who now leads the Aukrust foundation, was often to visit, but tells that it was not only, just to get into Kari and Kjell.

All who called on the need namely the approval of the Solan and Ludvig.

Louis and Sonny got the honor to approve all visitors in the apartment of Tim and Kari Aukrust in Oslo.

Photo: NRK

– The caller was required to provide a password in the form of a rim. I used to say “Louis is wet on the muzzle, therefore, it is often a wet spot on the pillow.” I could hear that He held a conference in private with Solan Gundersen, and then he came back and said, yes, it is approved. So durte it in dørtelefonen, and I could open the door, ” says Lars Espen Aukrust.

A fantastic ability to see things

the Desktop and tegneutstyret is just the way his nephew will remember it. He tells us that Kjell Aukrust could sit for hours and draw and think. And that he had an amazing ability to observe.

Lars Espen Aukrust, nephew and the leader of the Aukruststiftelsen, looking at the paintings Kjell Aukrust was started with.

Photo: Knut Røsrud

He saw the humor in everything possible wonder. He noticed things. He could come over afterwards and tell about the things he had experienced, that others we had not seen, ” says Lars Espen Aukrust.

In the apartment we see that Kjell Aukrust also painted a lot. Many of the paintings are still there, finished and semi-finished.

Everyone knows the characters in Pinchcliffe

the Authorship of Kjell Aukrust and the books about Simen, the farmer and my brother is not so familiar to the youth of today.

But, you say Sonny, Louis, and, not least, ” rube Goldberg, as all know who you are talking about.

Especially the last four films proves that Kjell Aukrust’s universe live. The gure with reverumpa was seen by 1 million at the cinema. The last three films are seen by almost 2.5 million people, ” says Kjell-Erik Nordahl in the House Aukrust.

the Characters in the Pinchcliffe lives on and ensures that new generations know to Kjell Aukrust’s universe.

Photo: Pressefoto

Now, the films also be communicated digitally in the house in Alvdal, norway.

Sonny and Louis to live on a tablet near you, ” he says cryptically.

his Nephew Lars Espen Aukrust think there will be more movies in the future.

– the Shapes he created in Pinchcliffe is still superaktuelle. There are skilled drafters that far on the way to recreate these characters and bring them into the modern era, ” he says.