never before have there been so many empty apartments, as this year has been Sealed, the record vacancy rate at 1. June by the Federal government. Ghost settlements, especially in the middle of the country with a lock or free rent, to move interested parties to the award (LOOK told).

Despite the empty record: In comparison to the previous year, has halved the increase in vacancy. Reason for this is due to the increasing number of Single households. The the on Thursday published autumn report “Immo-Monitoring 2020 States that” by the consulting firm Partner, Wüest.

It shows: The number of single-person households increases hold significantly stronger than those of other household sizes. “This development has intensified in the last five years,” says Immo-expert Robert Weinert (40) of Wüest Partner.

Every second, new budget as a single budget

Single-person households currently make up over 50 per cent of newly formed households. The consequence of this is that the Swiss population is distributed on yet more flats. The living space consumption per inhabitant has increased, according to Weinert strong. “Five years ago, you needed per 100 new residents there are 52 apartments, today there are 65,” says Weinert.

the stable economic development, as well as a high degree of job security and slightly rising real incomes contributed to this. “Young people can afford, today, earlier, my own apartment,” says the real estate professional. But also the wide range befeuere the demand in addition, he confirms.

more on offer for Singles

applications for planning permission and building permits have increased from 2007 to 2018 unchecked. At the same time the population growth. “Accordingly, Weinert for this budget is becoming more diverse and ever more affordable selection of rental properties result size”, so.

Airbnb-effect and empty

In contrast to the middle of the country-municipalities were in many tourist regions and urban vacancy rates fell since the beginning of the year. Responsible for a growing number of tenants who use an apartment as a Second home is not last. An example of Lauterbrunnen BE, the gold mine for Airbnb-apartment mediator.

More than ten percent of rental properties in the tourist areas are advertised for use as a holiday home, such as from the Wüest Partner, Report shows. Although these objects have in some cases only during the winter months the tenant. However, if you are not in the summer, put out to tender, they are not considered empty.

Even in urban locations the demand for second homes is still large, mainly in the Segment of rental housing. in the Swiss city centres were also in demand, according to the second housing statistics between 2017 and 2019, an average of 10.6 percent of the additional areas of people who have their primary residence elsewhere in Switzerland.

But in the end the Airbnb effect in the tourism destinations, the increasing vacancy rate can not slow down, say the experts of Wüest Partner. (dvo)

next year, the budgeted investment volume for new construction is likely to go for the first time in twelve years it back slightly. The real estate experts Wüest partners expect that in this area, in 2020, approximately 1.9 percent less output – for apartments in multi-family houses, even 2.8 per cent less.

none of that is the vacancy rate

slow down, Despite these new Trends, vacancy rates for apartments will increase according to the current Immo-Monitoring for the time being.

Weinert: “Neither Single households is still decreasing at the end of construction activities, these development assets is fully thwart.”