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Low infection rates in the North of Norway gives time to rig capacity in the intensivavdelingene and in the prehospitale services, so that, to a greater extent are aware about it are more seriously ill, according to the Aps helsepolitiske spokesperson Ingvild Kjerkol.

– Therefore, I understand that in Northern Norway at this time want to drive a stricter line with regard to quarantine and innreisekontroll from the South-Norway, while preparing the health system and building out intensivkapasiteten, ” she says to NTB.

Aps helsetopp Ingvild Kjerkol understand that a number of municipalities in Northern Norway at this time want to drive a stricter line with regard to quarantine and innreisekontroll from the South of Norway.

Photo: Pål Hansen / NRK

Kjerkol points out that Northern Norway has a more fragile health than other parts of the country. The distances are greater, intensivkompetansen further away and anestesilegene and spesialsykepleierne fewer.

the Entire Health in the North has, in principle, only 26 intensivplasser.

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This is based on the professional smittevernråd from kommuneleger. Currently it has North-Norway 0,13 infected per 1.000 inhabitants, while Oslo has 0,65.

the Municipalities in the north asks for dialogue with national authorities about how you together can prevent “the infection spreads quickly from the south to our region”.

From: the Mayors of Alta, Bodø and Tromsø To: Government– the Background for karantenekravene in our municipalities, is that we currently have a relatively favorable situation with get infected, and it is important to limit the main purpose of this legislation.

Kjerkol calls for “clear and thoughtful answers” on why one national will not support local karanteneregler.

– the Government risks to undermine the confidence in the recommendations from the local smittevernleger, after smittevernloven carries the academic responsibility, she points out.

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Health – and care services ms. Bent Tall (H) says the government in all areas have to weigh the effect of the measures against the negative consequences. In this case, considered the negative effects that are larger than the positive, ” he says.

I hope the municipalities are listening to, say High to the NTB.

– It is not the case that every action that may seem smittebegrensende, nevertheless, is a good measure, because the social consequences can be very negative.

High, says the health and other important social institutions can be affected by local karanteneregler.

May affect the business

the ministry of Justice and beredskapsminister Monica Mæland (H) responds that the matter of the individual being tried is portrayed as a conflict between Northern Norway and the rest of the country.

It seems we should keep ourselves for the good in the situation we are now in, ” she says.

the ministry of Justice and beredskapsminister Monica Mæland says local karanteneregler can lead to challenges for the business world

Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB

the Minister emphasizes that she has great respect for that local politicians makes decisions to protect its residents, but that local karanteneregler can lead to challenges for the business community.

– It is not good for the country if the shipbuilding industry in Møre and Romsdal that could have survived, now goes over the end of the world, ” says Mæland.

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