The new Format “k kiosk box” would be developed in collaboration with the Start-up company AiFi from the Silicon Valley, announced Valora on Wednesday. It is envisaged that customers enter by means of the application of the small-format Store, select products and then, without scanning the Store again.


this is made possible by a combination of artificial intelligence, Edge Computing, and scalable sensor fusion technology. In the current year the System will be tested. The exact location would be communicated at a later date. Previously, a number of aspects of data protection compliance should be checked.

Depending on the legal framework and lease the stores with the new concept of the “ideal way to be open” 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, it means more. In addition to the standard kiosk range to be offered to around 20 square meters of fresh products.

in December, Valora has announced the opening of avec-boxes, which also don’t require any funds. In contrast to the announced today, Kiosk-boxes have to be scanned in this Format, the products but.