In the near future, the Olympic Committee of Russia (OKR) as the founder of the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) will consider the recommendation of the Supervisory Board anti-doping structure the dismissal of its General Director Yury Ganus. President of the ROC Stanislav Pozdnyakov has told to the correspondent of “Kommersant” Alexei Dospekhov, how did the idea come from fatal to Mr. Hanusa audit, which revealed RUSADA violations in financial and economic activities, bearing a systemic character.— You understand that the whole history of audit RUSADA, with claims on the part of the OCD can cause the issues because the person of its Director General Yuri Hanusa who opposed the sports authorities on a number of important issues, expressed his disagreement with them?— Disagreement? Well, let’s order. I actually devote a lot of RUSADA, even with the period when took place the process of recovery. Repeatedly met with representatives of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA), which was consistent with its governance structure, and therefore know it well. The ROC with the Russian Paralympic Committee (RCC) is the founder of the RUSADA and therefore directly interested in the efficiency and sustainability of its development. Yes, we had disagreements with the leadership of RUSADA, but beyond that office they didn’t. In General, about any confrontation is never out of the question. We were the Forum of young Olympians is the top event of the ROC, with the participation of 17 national Olympic committees. He was visited by the General Director of WADA, Olivier Niggli. We were partners in the organization of other events of the same anti-doping seminars before each departure of the Olympic team of Russia in major competitions. We RUSADA, in principle, the overall goals and objectives. Our site in OCD has always been provided to the Agency for educational events with the participation of national sports federations. All this time, any truly difficult moments in our relationship arose.Or another example. Because RUSADA did not have his athletes ‘ Commission, its function, the connecting link, through which is transmitted the opinion of the athletes about the doping control procedures, and other aspects of anti-doping policy— fulfil the Commission of sportsmen OKR. Thus, we helped the management of the Agency in addressing a number of issues. We were one part of a larger mechanism.— But the contradictions still occur.— One single contradiction. It appeared after December, 2019 the Executive Committee of WADA issued a decision on sanctions against RUSADA and the consequences for all of Russian sport in the form of a four-year disqualification of our sportsmen, including “clean”, coaches, official representatives of sports and public structure��tour. To protect the interests of all these persons, the Supervisory Board of RUSADA, it was decided not to accept the verdict, with the result that WADA was forced to go to CAS. ROC and RCC Supervisory Board were supported, as the sanctions directly affect our organization. And that’s just at the stage of expression of disagreement to the unfair and inadequate, in our view, sanctions the General Director of RUSADA allowed himself a lengthy comment, which would nullify all the arguments expressed by top management bodies structure. Emphasize the higher authorities. Despite the fact that the majority of the independent members of the Supervisory Board were selected and approved by WADA during the recovery period. This is an obvious internal conflict.We held a General meeting at which they voiced complaints to the Director General of RUSADA in compliance with corporate standards. He took this information, sorry. The General meeting has to give you a warning as a disciplinary measure. All shook hands, and the conflict on it was completely exhausted.— That is, you insist that audit and “dissenting opinion” Yuri Hanusa is unrelated stuff? If these things were somehow connected, the resulting situation has now happened a couple of years ago. And about the current audit, I am ready to tell in detail. In 2019, the General Director of RUSADA in the course of the General meeting was an attempt to approve retroactively the auditor. In this regard, I am obliged to remind you of one fact. In 2017 the ROC and RCC are addressed to the Chairman of the RF government with a request to allocate annual funding RUSADA from the state budget amounting to about 550 million rubles. That is, the founders, in fact, acted as guarantors of the proper intended use of these money with all the attendant responsibility. From now on, any suspicion about the ineffectiveness of budget spending should cause us concern.The standard statutory procedure for any and all companies — when it is first selected by the auditor, then being tested, and after it is approved the report. Here there can not be any options. The General meeting received from Yuri Hanusa already prepared the audit report, made by a company that was not previously approved. But at the same time it was proposed to approve her choice retroactively with the result. Of course, it caused issues.We offered Mr. Ganus strictly follow the established procedure and also to consider and appoint an auditor from among the top companies in the Russian market. The one he chose, was somewhere in the second hundred, as well as contacted personally by the Director General. Yuri Hanus insisted that the prerogative of selecting compAANII have to stay behind him. Besides, the General Director added that he has no money to conduct a re-audit. I have it, frankly, perplexed. But again, we said, well, the senior partners, the founders prepared this follow-up audit pay. Passed after that — attention! eight months, and only then the General Director of RUSADA recommended as auditor of the company “FinExpertiza”.— Wait, you say that “FinExpertiza” was the recommendation of the jury Hanusa? Not OCD forced RUSADA?— There is a corresponding letter on its behalf. To understand the founders every step of the way have been doing exclusively in accordance with the current legislation and the Charter of RUSADA. All of our treatments are designed only to ensure that proper the proper management of financial-economic activities of the organization. In this case RUSADA. We are responsible to the state for the selected RUSADA funds, so demanded and required maximum transparency. That’s all. And the founders are least interested in change management, which copes well with the main direction of its activities. Certainly such a task was not, and the choice of a new auditing company did not expect the action against the Director General.Yes, Yuri Hanus says that it’s founders have delayed the selection of the auditor. But the document says that the prerogative of choice and approval for the founders. We agreed with this, despite the fact that technically violates the Charter. So what exactly Yuri Hanus company “FinExpertiza” is suggested. What order, what kind of raiding can be a speech?!One more thing. Few people know that there is exclusive right of the founders in terms of financial and economic activities of RUSADA. For matters of operational nature there is an independent Supervisory Board. That was the agreement with WADA that the founders could not intervene and influence the anti-doping work of RUSADA. This is an important, fundamental point. The Supervisory Board handles issues of testing, planning of the educational process of investigation. We have to it no access. Double-check the WADA anti-doping RUSADA activities for compliance with the world anti-doping code. And no complaints were not.But the questions of financial and economic activities is a completely different topic. WADA they are not studying and not in control. This is the Federal law of the Russian Federation. The task of WADA is to make sure that RUSADA regardless, no one dictates to him how to conduct specialized, operational work. Not allegations, not even allegations, but only the contentious issues, on which we are entitled to answers. For etOh, and had to send the audit results to the Supervisory Board. Instead of answers received that reaction Yuri Hanusa, which it so pleases the media and threatens all Russian sports. If we remove all the tinsel, which management RUSADA ensnares the essence of what is happening, it is absolutely clear, transparent story. Intra-corporate conflict.— You’re right, just received the test results, said that it discovered the violations “very serious.” You honestly think so?’ Yes. If the violations were not of a fundamental nature, was lekarstvennymi, it would be possible to speak softer. A resonant things are not submitted to the court of public opinion, and, according to experts, can have very serious consequences for the founders, if not to understand the situation and accept on faith the words of the General Director of RUSADA, all around the polls simply do not understand the essence of what is happening under his leadership processes. Again: I am responsible for the allocated funds and how to dispose of them. If today I will not raise the issue to the Supervisory Board, tomorrow it will be addressed to ROC and RCC.— You are not satisfied with the explanation of RUSADA 69 pages?— Absolutely not satisfied. They are casuistic in nature. This is an attempt to break the global problem management system for any small detail. We did not comment in detail, again for reasons of clarity, not to put pressure on the members of the Supervisory Board.— Let’s be Frank: Russia is not the easiest relationship with WADA, with some other sports organizations. Except from a political point of view, it is a good step to be in conflict with the General Director of RUSADA, to which the international structures, as you have noticed, there are no claims? It will not complicate the situation?— You have carefully reviewed the December decision of the Executive Committee of WADA? It raised, once again, the interests and rights of athletes, professionals, officials, even heads of state. What do you think, under such sanctions and the pressure that as it may even worsen the relationship with WADA?! And most importantly, on what basis why someone links the relationship with WADA and, for example, financial abuse of the organization? Agree, sounds weird. But that’s about it now, in fact, says the guide RUSADA, when appeals to WADA.— But life goes on, and interact need. Yes, we are not going to lose contact with WADA! They are quite normal. In regard to the operating activities of RUSADA, we fully trust the WADA. But the issues of financial and economic activities — it is our responsibility, and our position, we are ready to defend at any level.— The most striking is probably the thesis of Yuri Hanusa was reduced to futility and even harmfulness of the dispute in the Sports arbitrationm court with WADA. To the fact that because of its tightening in the neutral status of the Russian team will have, it is not excluded, to be not two, but three Olympic games. Aren’t you afraid that it will be so?— It is very difficult to predict what idea will begin to develop the General Director of RUSADA today, tomorrow and all subsequent days — the range is too wide. I will emphasize only one: no three Olympiads can not be. In the December decision, WADA specifically States: two Olympics in a neutral status for the Russian athletes is high. And then, if we agreed with WADA sanctions, we would not be able to defend the interests of athletes, our organizations in CAS, to involve the international Olympic Committee, international Paralympic Committee, the European Olympic committees, a number of international sports federations. Now we have the opportunity to Express their position. So the Supervisory Board of RUSADA, when taking a decision on disagreement with the verdict WADA, approached the issue carefully, assessing the situation from all sides. Unlike the General Director, which self-praise about the boundless confidence in all countries has already become a byword.— Which, incidentally, is preparing to process in CAS? Pandemic it will not affect?— The process is scheduled for November. And it will pass or not in time — it is difficult to think further than the week ahead. The overall situation of the pandemic may develop unpredictable, unfortunately. But the preparations are on schedule. Another thing is that the CAS Secretariat asked us without agreeing with him nothing to comment on. We tried it a rule not to break.— Other relevant history is with domestic athletics, risking to fall under the total exclusion of non payment within the period before 1 July, penalty World Athletics. Now, as said the Minister of sport of the Russian Federation Oleg Matytsin, the possibility of payment found. So you believe that the worst was avoided?— I am sure that the words of the Federal Minister should be trusted.— Still explain. That is issued in the winter of wfla fine: $5 million principal amount, $6 million — along with what the World calls Athletics additional costs. This is a big number but not so big to imagine that in a few months it was impossible to find. However, until July 1, the penalty to pay is not obtained.— Remember: the change of leadership of the club occurred just before the peak of the pandemic, in February, when everything came to a standstill. New management, headed by Yevgeny Yurchenko came with the task to restore relations with World Athletics and to strengthen the financial stability of the organization. I believe that elected by the conference of the vfla President underestimated the seriousness, the depth of the problems. As far as I know, he was trying to find sponsors. But his personal capabilities OK��calls out are not comparable with the scale of the difficulties. This led to the collapse of attempts to establish relationships with World Athletics, to find the means to pay the fine and, ultimately, to the resignation of the President of wfla. Here’s a simple chronology of events. And describing it, we must not forget that the sports Federation in accordance with Federal law and international norms have significant autonomy. We are required to comply with. Especially in the case of athletics, each solution must eliminate any cause for concern from the World Athletics. Otherwise, the new requirements, the paragraphs of the “road map”, the penalties and so forth. Therefore, neither ROC, nor state agencies in resolving the conflict between the WPLA and the World Athletics did not participate. Unfortunately, independent work of the Federation has not produced results, the Minister of sports had to intervene.— But that means at wfla no, it had become clear long before the deadline. In the end, the intervention occurred when there was a serious threat of complete removal.— I believe that all the events in that process in any way fit into the logical chain. And I know that the Minister until recently led serious negotiations with the Athletics World.— Don’t you think that this story has undermined the trust of leading athletes by Russian sports authorities? Maria Laecken, Anzhelika Sidorova, Sergey Shubenkov at some point asked for help not to him, and to Vladimir Putin.— You know, the athletics world Russia is very heterogeneous. There are athletes of top level — they want and must have the right to speak at the event, to participate in commercial competitions, win prizes and money. Absolutely normal and reasonable desire. But there are other people for whom participation in international competitions in connection with World Athletics imposed restrictions is something virtually unattainable… assuming, for example, from the position WA on the admission of only ten athletes from Russia to neutral status. And the rest of our “clean” athletes? Remember the conference wfla where you chose Yevgeny Yurchenko. I said the whole athletics community must be United and their ambitions to send to solve the General problem. Can repeat it here. Wfla-needed structural reform. Various groups that exist in it, are unable, individually, to deduce from crisis the sport. As we have seen in the past that is the picture: management has addressed your questions and marked time, the best athletes looked towards Monaco and Italy, the coaches in the regions have asserted that it is necessary to prepare reserves. Typical Swan, cancer and pike. So you need to stabilize the financial situation (this will make it simpler for considering the payment of a fine), to formulate a program of athletics ��s crisis, aimed not at the Olympic games in Tokyo and not even at the Paris Olympics in 2024. This is a program for 2028-2032 years. Then we have athletics, which was the dream— winning at the Olympics the number of medals. It is our goal not just to pay the fine and send individual athletes to the Olympics. And Yes, now it is necessary to hold new elections.— Suppose that World Athletics would go on the principle of having a formal basis in the form of a delay of payment of fine, still suspended Russian athletes. You would have sought protection in the court?— Of course. We immediately told the representatives of the athletes that all candidates for participation in the Olympic games in Tokyo will support legal measures. We had prepared for this article in the budget. This suspension is violation of the Olympic Charter and the Constitution of World Athletics. It says that the Federation is obliged to ensure the protection of clean athletes, and most importantly, their participation in competitions. The same principle in the world anti-doping code.— Wfla same for a long time been under external control OCD?— Month.— Many resources have you spent on her? A lot of resources and effort. But in another way and could not be. Wfla is a member of the ROC, and we must affiliate the Federation to maintain its capacity. OCD, by the way, also now cooperates with partner companies. It is clear that the pandemic affected some of them in economic terms. But partnership is a two-way street.— You receive less sponsorship money?— Not grow, at least.— There is another loud, even for the international Olympic movement, the theme. It is the struggle for the abolition of article 50 of the Olympic Charter prohibiting political expression and gestures of a political nature. The Commission of sportsmen OKR recently spoke out against its radical adjustments, and this opinion is not very within the trend. You personally what do you think about this?— First of all I think that the IOC is right that on a number of fundamental issues to be consulted by the commissions of athletes. Not with heads of national Olympic committees, and emphasize with athletes… Now it’s my personal point of view. In today’s world so many different political movements that do not coincide with each other. But the Olympic games is a festivity, which is based on laid down by Baron de Coubertin ideals of the purity of the sport. Any actions that can spoil a holiday, in my opinion, should not be encouraged. Just imagine the situation. On the pedestal was found, two young men with opposite political beliefs. That will start if they are right on the podium will begin to Express to each other their views? For disputes, there are many sites outside of the Olympics. Let sport OS��anetta that at least temporarily can unite different people with different approaches to different issues and demonstrate that all these differences may be insignificant in the presence of goodwill, the desire for mutual understanding and honest sports competition. For example, the problem of racism in the world, though not to eliminate only one cancellation of the articles in the Olympic Charter. There are other methods, how the sports movement can racism be fought.— What we do with the preparations for the Olympics in Tokyo, postponed for a year? It’s complicated?— Yes, the situation is very difficult. As you can see, the borders are opened, the holding of numerous international competitions in question. Most likely, a more or less full calendar will appear not earlier than November. That’s why our athletes are increasingly moving to centralized training bases of the Ministry of sports. I get weekly reports from there. I see that there is growth in terms of number of teams that participate in the training camp that adheres to all security measures. And the health of the athletes is our absolute priority. Then it will be the next stage — the start of domestic competition. Maybe it will happen at the end of August, although a more realistic option, fall. And then international competitions, of course, if the situation improves.— You communicate with the representatives of the organizing Committee of Tokyo?— Almost on a daily basis. Just spoke today on the subject of the delegation, changes in the schedule. In any case, the enthusiasm of the colleagues from the organizing Committee of the IOC gives me cautious optimism about what next year Games are still held.— The transfer of the Olympics coupled with the impact of the pandemic has certainly increased the costs of the ROC?— Of course. Our four-year training program actually turned into five years. We are very seriously reviewed the budget and optimized spending to allocate more funds for the final stage of preparation for the Olympics.— On Saturday the ROC will be noted in “Luzhniki” Russian Olympic day. Why not cancel this holiday, given the current situation?— In difficult times we need something, a moment from which to start, to generate a vector of further movement forward. Since the end of March we held a huge number of events in online social networks. He made a kind of reconstruction of the 1980 Olympic games in Moscow, from the first to the last day — in my opinion, this is one of the most successful of our projects. But on 8 August was an opportunity still to organize the all-Russian Olympic day in the traditional format. About the same time the sport gets the Day of the athlete, and we decided to combine two holidays. This is such a common gesture that shows that the sports industry is recovering from coronavirus crisis. I ��Chen hope that our sites will be the audience. The festival programme is varied — the event was attended by a Federation.— Have you analyzed the response to the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Olympic games-80?— Huge! I am very sorry that we couldn’t celebrate the anniversary in live in “Luzhniki”, at the Grand sports arena, as planned. With tens of thousands of spectators, with the wires of our Olympians in Tokyo… But I, on the other hand, it’s nice that many of our sports fans went online that they are keenly interested in our sporting history, its heroes.— The head of the IOC Thomas Bach recently announced that he is ready to run for a second term. OCD has determined to support it or not?— I have repeatedly spoken about this: we — the representatives of the Olympic movement of Russia, the IOC members from Russia — support of the incumbent President on the ballot, which will be held next spring in Athens. Thomas Bach President of the IOC has shown itself to be an effective leader, equidistant from the various centers of influence, which is especially important in the modern world. He is trustworthy Olympic community.— Despite a number of decisions that were not very pleasant for Russia?— You know what the main difference in the approach of the IOC and WADA in situations related to OCD? The IOC was clearly defined regulations, procedures and time frames all decisions. WADA, unfortunately, may not demonstrate the same specifics.He was born on 27 September 1973 in Novosibirsk. He graduated from the Novosibirsk state pedagogical University. In 1982 started to be addressed in the section on fencing on swords, and in 1992 he entered the national team. Four-time Olympic champion in fencing on swords (1992, 1996, 2000), 10-time world champion and 13-time European champion. From 2005 to 2010 — Deputy of Novosibirsk regional Council of people’s deputies. In 2008 he was appointed senior coach of the Russian national team in fencing (all types). Since 2012 — member of the Executive Committee of the International fencing Federation. In 2016, the first Vice-President of the Russian Olympic Committee and President of the European Confederation of fencing. May 29, 2018 elected President of the Russian Olympic Committee. Honored master of sports. The candidate of pedagogical Sciences (thesis — “the Tactical and technical training of the youth national team on fencing on swords”). Awarded with orders of Honor, Friendship and “For merits before Fatherland” IV degree, the medal “For merits before Fatherland” II degree.Formed December 1, 1989, as national Olympic Committee in the Olympic movement USSR. In August 1992, gained independence and the current name, and in September 1993, he was recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Represents Russia in international Oli��piccom motion, approves the composition of the Olympic team, is preparing coaches and athletes, organizes sporting competitions, promoting sports in the country. In the Olympic Committee of Russia (OKR) are included as members of the 40 of the all-Russian public associations for the Olympic sports, 12 sports associations Olympic winter games, 3 Association winter and summer sports, 16 associations of non-Olympic sports recognized by the IOC, 12 Olympic academies, 19 fizkulturno-sports associations and the departmental observative nature, 80 regional public associations created for the development and promotion of the Olympic movement. The budget Committee is formed at the expense of the state, the IOC, donations and membership fees. In November 2018 the budget of the ROC for the period up to 2022 was approved in the amount of 9.9 billion rubles.