the events in the world, but also in the work environment big fear trigger for many people. Not all people are affected to the same extent thereof. Yin types are more prone to anxiety than Yang-type. With Yin (water Element) are character traits such as passive, introverted, sensible, sensitive, thoughtful, gentle, calm symbolizes. Yang (fire Element) on the other hand stands for positive, active, extrovert, quick-witted, dynamic, enthusiastic.

What can you do against fear?

The fear belongs to the Yin category of the soul. It has a negative impact on the body, because they are emptied of the essence in the kidney functional circuit and the Qi (life energy) decrease. The chronic state of anxiety is compounded by the fact that Affected fear constantly before an event that also occurs. Well-known examples of this are the bed-wetting in children and incontinence in adults (irritable bladder), but also nervousness-related diarrhea.

anxiety after a sudden shock scatters the Qi and affects the heart and the kidneys. This can knock of the heart, shortness of breath, insomnia, night sweat, dizziness and hearing loss cause.

How to recognize Angstzutände?

the main symptom of turf is a very severe state of anxiety with physical symptoms: heart, Sweating, flush or pale, dizziness, impaired hearing, impaired concentration. Mental symptoms are afraid to die, lose control, or failure.

It is estimated that 10 to 15 percent of the population suffers at least once in their life. And the number of unreported cases is high. The panic disorder in the strict sense, characterized by panic attacks, repeated with a frequency of two to five percent.

With mental Training Fears

to combat that With a positive mindset and mental Training a person to inner harmony can strengthen the resistance ability, self-confidence and assertiveness, and overcome the fear. The TCM Doctor can support the patient with Taoist philosophy and Chinese wisdom in the spiritual transformation process. You are treated holistically, and applies acupuncture (acupressure), QiGong, moxibustion, cupping, TUI na, Diet and herbal medicine combined, to the harmony between body, mind and soul to restore.

you must have rogue healers

you have to promise healing by the power of nature or of the mind: a therapist with complementary medicine becoming more and more popular But many of them are untrustworthy.

What panic attacks actually are?

panic attacks usually come suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere. They Express themselves through symptoms such as palpitations, dizziness, Perspiration, or shortness of breath.