ants as a sub-tenant has no one. Have taken up residence in the small insects, but once you are get rid of hard. But where the creepy crawlies come out at all, and that will help against an Invasion?

As you come into the house

The nests of ants are hiding in the garden such as under stones, boards, or in cracks in the wall. Because the little animals are constantly in search of food, slip under doors, through window or wall gaps. So you get in houses or apartments, with their tribe due to scent markers, and all the Ant paths can arise.

For humans, ants are harmless

Although they are small pests, they can not harm the people a lot. An ant bite or sting can result in redness and an uncomfortable itching, but is completely harmless. Except for the Bitten to a Allergy.

Harmful they are for our food. Ants have found their way into our pantry, they feed from sugar – and protein-containing products, where pests and germs can transfer. The affected food should be promptly disposed of.

also Affected electrical devices can be. Ants climbing, for example, in the TV, gnawing them there cables. This can even lead to a cable fire.

What to preventively company may want to allow

When it is not even to come so far that an ant colony nests at home, there are the following options that prevent this Problem.

Store your food dry, clean, and tightly closed. So ants are not attracted to in the first place. Use rubber seals in the lids or clip closures. Note: Also pet food attracts ants. Therefore, be sure that the bowl of your house is animal cleaned always good. They ensure that all the possible entrances for the ants to be well sealed. the Leaking doors and Windows or cracks in the Walls can be blocked with clay, silicone, or glue. You are effectively searching for leaks!You have discovered in the garden a Nest from which the ants move on the house, you can divert this road . chalk can help. The plague of ghosts, hate chalk, and avoid these. Paint a thick line on the floor, which is an insurmountable barrier for ants. Remember, the line refresh. Also herbal ants do not like. Put so thyme, juniper leaves, lavender blossoms, on the ant road. So the little creepy-crawlies are distributed on duration, because of the intense smell bothers your sense of orientation. On your way to the food, ants lay a scent trail, it is disturbed, let go of. Home remedies for an infestation

Is it already so far, and the animals have found their way into the home, there are simple home remedies that help to get rid of.

vinegar: The smell of vinegar ants find obnoxious. That’s why a bowl of vinegar can be placed in front of the door or the window. Alternatively, vinegar can be also filled in a spray bottle and the ants road to be sprayed. the lemon: Also the smell of sour lemon ants don’t like. Here, you have the best on the rind of the fruit. Just put it in a bowl and in front of the apartment or the house. Or RUB it on the path of the ants with the shell. the cinnamon: Similarly, ants avoid the intense flavor of cinnamon. Therefore, deploy grated cinnamon on the ants road – and the way the animals are! the herbs: The Same applies as already mentioned above, for herbs. They have a strong smell – too strong for the ants. Lavender, sage, mint or thyme are especially good. Distribute the dried leaves on the path of the ants or in front of the penetration holes. the Vaseline : fat in the Form of Vaseline makes an insurmountable barrier for creepy crawlies. You make a thick layer of it in front of your apartment or your house and the pests will disappear. Deadly Traps

There are remedies that are particularly effective, but a painful death for the ants mean. Of these products is not advisable therefore. To baking soda, coffee grounds or cornmeal. All three of these home remedies to ensure that the stomach of the animal swells, until the insects burst. Baby powder is another product that leads to the painful death of the ants. It clogs the respiratory tract and the sensor. You prefer to let the fingers thereof and they resort to other means!