The author and performer of his own songs Yuri Antonov responded to the rumors that the Russians, who have work experience in the Soviet Union, entitled to pension Supplement. The singer stressed that he agreed with the initiative because the elderly need help, reports Nation News.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, the Network reported that the experience in the Soviet Union retirees based on the premium to the pension: 1% of the pension capital for each year worked in the USSR.

The FIU has clarified the issue of allowances for "the Soviet experience"

Yuri Antonov, commenting on the news, said that the category of people eligible for payment, is elderly, and they, according to him, the necessary financial support. He stressed that currently in Russia a small pension.

“to Support the people need,” – said the actor.

It is noteworthy that after Antonov has supported the initiative of the payments for the “Soviet experience”, representatives of the Pension Fund of Russia (PFR) has refuted previously published information. According to them, the last time the recalculation of pensions of Russian pensioners occurred in 2010. The process also took into account while working during the Soviet Union, so the reasons for allowances at the present time is not stated in the RPF.