Antiviral Arsenal: how to make hand sanitizer yourself

due to the spread of the novel coronavirus in many countries, unprecedented demand for medical masks and disinfectants.

Recall that experts in the field of public health do not recommend wearing masks healthy people: they should be put on those who have such a symptoms of respiratory infection such as sneezing or coughing.

But the second most popular pharmaceutical product — antiseptics — stock up makes sense to all.

Experts constantly urge people to follow basic rules of hygiene and to disinfect the surface of the gadgets and other items that people most often contact.

If disinfectants or wipes are not found in the pharmacy or store, no problem. This is a remedy you can make your own at home, I’m sure Professor of biology Miriam Warman (Miryam Wahrman) from William Paterson University in the United States.

His advice she voiced in an interview with Business Insider.

According to Professor Warman, the main thing you need for disinfection is alcohol. Either isopropyl (it is often used for rubbing) or ethyl (the main ingredient of alcoholic beverages).

In fact, for disinfection, you can use any available liquid, provided that the alcohol content in it is not below 60%. The liquid should be rubbed into hands and allow them to air dry. Then you can moisturize the skin to avoid dryness.

People with very sensitive skin can add to the liquid a few drops of aloe juice. But it is important that the alcohol content fell below 60%. Otherwise, the effectiveness of disinfection will fall sharply, says the biologist.

According to one of the recipes below to get the powerful protective agent, it is necessary to mix two-thirds Cup of 91 percent isopropyl alcohol and one-third Cup of aloe Vera. To give the solution a pleasant smell, you can add eight to ten drops of any essential oil.

alcohol is the key ingredient in disinfectant wipes. Them, by the way, the physicians are advised to wipe not only gadgets, but also door handles, as well as those items in the house, which the person touches, coming from the street and not having to wash my hands.

to make disinfectant wipes, enough to soak a plain cloth or paper towel with alcohol or any solution in which the alcohol content is not below the same 60%. And disinfection smartphone or other gadget is better suited soft cloth.

However, it is important to remember that the main method of defense is thorough hand-washing. Experts recommend washing hands with soap at least 20 seconds.

the Difference is that alcohol facility though destroys most pathogens but does not remove them from the skin, the Professor explains Warman.

we Add that the means of disinfection should not be neglected ever, and especially in the season of rampant respiratory infections like influenza and SARS. By the way, and the new coronavirus can join the ranks of pathogens, occasionally attacking humans in the cold season.

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Text: To.Science