Anti-vs Greta Greta: the climate skeptic against Ecocity

Well, finally! Another year and a half ago, “News of the week” has compared the use of older girl named Greta Thunberg with the medieval crusade against Jerusalem – March of the children. This XII century. The cowherd boy named Stefan then dreamed that Christ himself calls him to Jerusalem to liberate the Holy Sepulchre. Adults on the basis of these dreams has equipped thousands of children in the campaign, to build in the columns. When he reached Marseilles, the young crusaders waited for the sea in front of them parted. But the wily merchants put all their sailing vessels, and on the other side of cynical children sold into slavery. Sad story.

Ecoactivity Greta Thunberg in school, maybe, so no bad associations with their own role it does not occur. Recently, Greta was in the English city of Bristol at the head of the March children. According to her, followed by 30 thousand children and teenagers who also skipped at this time, and, in protest against the climate warming and the adults who allow it, continuing to emit malicious CO2 — carbon dioxide.

Interestingly, since the end of last year in Germany announced the anti-Greta. Also blonde. A young German woman named Naomi Seibt. She is 19 years old. The image even looks like a little Greta Thunberg, although no forms of autism, not suffering, well said, I finished school on “perfectly”, without skipping. Seems like “climate skeptic”. In the sense that against scaremongering over the supposed warming. And Naomi even uses the same slogan as Greta, “How dare you?” But treats him to the “ecosite”.

“currently, we are force-fed extremely dystopian portion of the climate panic., tell us that we humans are destroying the planet. And that the youth has no future. What animals die. We trample nature. I have good news for you. The world’s not gonna end because of climate change,” said Naomi Seibt.

the Girl ecoactivity has been accused that she is sitting on the payroll at American analytical center of the Heartland, and he is allegedly tied to the trump, and that her mother — the lawyer of the political party “Alternative for Germany”, which shall be deemed to have “green” are awful. Well, the battle erupted. Recently Naomi Seibt spoke in Maryland at a conference of the conservative political action in the United States, where he played the Donald trump.

But Greta Thunberg is still popular. And as we reported recently, Greta became a billionaire because it was already more expensive brands, Greenpeace and even the UN.

Helped the current record-warm winter. Weather anomaly — it’s like a gift to the team Thunberg. Adults it is literally parasitic on human ignorance, turning a sick little girl in the leader of a totalitarian sect.

However, not about Greta today. Planet Earth for 65 million years. The peak temperature during this period was about 55 million years ago, and kept it for many, many millennia. The air temperature was in average by 8 degrees Celsius higher than now. That is now lower by about 8 degrees Celsius. Thus no greenhouse effect did not exist, as there were many millions of cars and modern industry. The peak is called the Paleocene-Eocene thermal maximum.

Next for tens of millions of years were also drops, and the temperature varied cyclically. Without human participation. Again, each student can now easy to find online and the graph of temperature change of planet Earth over 500 million years. And we see the same cycles. In the most ancient periods shown fluctuations over hundreds of millions of years. Closer to our time, the time step is less, but in any case, we see fluctuations, but the General trajectory – rather on the decline, not warming.

Greta Thunberg could this schedule to ask, but just doesn’t want to. Her parents, byt maybe do not want the girl to show it. Perhaps for fear of destroying her fragile inner world. However, we go further. It is important for us to understand why the Earth is heating up or cooling down. And how it affect the climate of the so-called greenhouse gases, which environmental activists are freaking out, primarily CO2 and methane.

“there is No reliable evidence of the impact of greenhouse gases on the climates of the Earth. The concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, especially carbon dioxide, has virtually no effect on the climate of the planet,” writes our dear Professor and geophysicist Alexander Gorodnitsky. And he further referring to the studies of Professor Oleg Sorokhtin the Institute of Oceanology of Shirshov’s name indicates that the main factor influencing the Earth’s climate in different periods always remains the Sun, its activity and fluctuations in earth’s orbit and angle of tilt of earth’s axis. All other factors are secondary. The opinion of our researchers are part of the global consensus of serious scientists. The important position here and American colleagues.

the Ex-President of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States a Professor of physics Frederick Seitz back in 2009, has developed a petition to the government of the United States.

“there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane or other greenhouse gases is causing or may in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and the destruction of her climate. In addition, there is substantial scientific evidence that increase in atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide leads to a positive influence on the natural growth of plants and animals in the environment of the Earth,” — said the researcher. Signatures under the text put the 15 thousand American scientists and engineers.

just last summer, on June 17, the leading Italian climatologists and geologists, Geophysics and astrophysics — sent to the President of the Italian Republic, the ChairmanLam of the Senate and of the chamber of deputies and the Prime Minister of the government a petition with a detailed explanation of cyclical climate on Earth and with a simple statement: “Carbon dioxide is not itself a polluting agent. On the contrary, it is essential for life on our planet. From a scientific point of view it is not realistic to ascribe to the man responsible for the warming, observed since the last century until today. We offer the alarmist predictions, therefore, are unreliable as it is based on models, the results of which contradict the data obtained through experimental studies. All the evidence suggests that these models overestimate the role of human activity and underestimate natural climate variability, mostly associated with the Sun, Moon and oceanic oscillations”.

Last fall, September 23, UN Secretary-General of Gutteres received a petition from 500 leading climate scientists on the planet. Here are two key phrases from it: “Common models, which are based on the current international policy concerning climate, is untenable. Current climate policy is pointless and severely undermines the economy.”

meanwhile, the scientists urged the UN Secretary General to organize in 2020, an international conference with the participation of high level experts on climate change. Audiatur et altera pars — concluded Latin scholars of his petition — “and Let the other side be heard”.

Well, nature? Of course, it should be protected. Who can argue? Do not foul the land and poison the water. But to sow kopanica humanity is dishonest. You, of course, ask about the current such a warm winter. Yes, it’s unusual. But it’s important not to confuse weather with climate.

Text: “News of the week”