wrinkles are something Natural. By the time they come easy, and that’s okay. We can’t stop that. But what we can do, you have to consider some factors in order to get early wrinkles.

Too much sugar

The skin is the mirror of the state of our body. A bad diet shows up on the skin. Sugar harms the body, by promoting inflammatory processes. Pimples and blemishes can occur in the case of a high consumption of sugar often. Sugar also promotes the aging process of the skin.


It is important of the skin from outside moisture in the Form of creams or the like to feed. It is equally important to provide the body with sufficient liquid. Dehydration leads in a first step, only to dry skin, but as a result can form wrinkles.

Too much alcohol

regular consumption of alcohol leaves you with time to look older. Alcohol reduces namely Vitamin A, which supports the production of collagen and is thus important for the skin. By regular consumption of alcohol, less collagen is produced and the skin becomes faster limp.


Smoking is not healthy. This is also reflected on the skin. The free Radicals in the cigarette smoke make the complexion sallow and the vessels, what is the face is particularly striking.

Hot showers

Hot water washes away the natural protective film of the skin, and it is dry. If you stand too long under the hot shower, the skin schrumplig. And that can lead to wrinkles. It is important to finish his shower with cold water and then apply cream.

Using Makeup to bed

The skin can’t breathe under Makeup, so it’s got to go in the evening necessarily. If the skin doesn’t breathe, she can’t regenerate also. So there is no excuse for not removing the Makeup in the evening!

Incorrect cleaning

The Only thing that should be used for cleaning the face, provided products. Neither soap nor shower gel belong to the sensitive skin. You can break the structure of the skin. Peels should be used with caution. Let the skin look beautiful, but cause wrinkles in the long term.

do Not care

is used to supply The skin with moisture. It is our largest Organ and needs a lot of care. Not only the face but the whole body care needs, so that the skin is aging too quickly.

Too much sun

UV rays make the skin age faster. This is why you should always use sunscreen, even in Winter. There are a lot of day creams which have a built-in sun protection factor. But if you live in a Region where the sun shines often and strong, it needs an additional sun cream.

The four most common mistakes in the shower

Before work or before bed bounce to go under the shower. So you feel clean and satisfied. But your skin is different.

How unhealthy sugar really is

Whether in coffee or in cookies, on bread, or drink the sweet temptation is almost everywhere. How unhealthy sugar is, actually, forget often.

drinking culture has consequences for the health

Nowhere in the world is drunk so much alcohol as in Europe. This is the alarming result of experts concerned with diseases of the digestive organs. Few people know that with the consumption of alcohol, the risk for cancers of the digestive tract increases.