The employees of the city’s “kindergarten Kunterbunt” and its branch “TIZ-Kids” care only to children whose parents exercise the so-called system-relevant professions. The rest of the staff, which is not used for this task, has now decided to sew during the service time of respiratory protection masks, informed the city of Ansbach.

“This is really an excellent Initiative and I would like to thank the employees for the use of,” says mayor Carda Seidel. “In this difficult Situation, cohesion is more important than ever.” The finished respirators donate to the Ansbacher home for the Elderly.

mouth protection self-made: employees are bringing Material from home with

“In the rooms of the children’s house will now incur a kind of production line, the employees bring sewing machines and so on from home with,” says Martina Weidner-Scheeler, Director of the children’s house. According to the town of Ansbach, several facilities have been requested, have reported urgent need.

After the hamster buying behavior of many German are being stolen in hospitals, disinfectants and protective masks – with serious consequences for Doctors and staff. The Ansbacher surgeon Daniel Schölz has commented on it on Facebook and hearing found.

This article was written by Sophia Herzing

*The contribution of “Ansbach: the children’s house staff, respiratory protection masks for seniors home sewing” published by Contact with the executives here.