Thailand plans to pay ten million farmers cash benefits in the amount of 15 thousand baht (462 dollars) in the amount of 4.6 billion dollars to mitigate the impact of the pandemic coronavirus, according to Bloomberg.

Funds will be allocated within three months, starting in may. Previously, Thailand had launched a separate program of cash to people who were not previously helped by social funds. The government stated that such measures will further cover 16 million people and will cost 240 billion baht ($7.5 billion).

Only Thailand planned to allocate 390 billion baht ($12 billion) on payments to the population. Nearly 30 million people in a country of 69 million have applied for financial assistance, but many have not been approved. Because of this, some go to extreme measures, as the woman tried to commit suicide near the Ministry of Finance of the country after she was refused funding.

The Bank of Thailand expects the economy to shrink the country’s 5.3 percent this year, which will be worse performance since the late 1990-ies. According to economists, the implementation of anti-crisis program will need funding in the amount of 11 percent of GDP.

Other countries have also taken measures to support the population. The Spanish authorities in may plans to determine the amount of the allowance, discussed payments in the amount of 500 euros.