Private island off the coast of Ireland was sold for more than $ 6 million is almost like “the cat in the bag” – the buyer who only saw him in the video.

a Small island near the Irish coast with three beaches, seven houses and preserved wildlife sold for more than USD 6.3 million, CNN reports.

In this case, an anonymous buyer did not even visit their future possession in person before you make a purchase.

Horse island (horse island) – 157-acre piece of land South-West of Ireland – was sold after negotiations, which mainly took place on WhatsApp.

an Unnamed European buyer saw the island only by the video, before you buy it. According to CNN, he became one of the most recent buyer among the many super-rich people who sought private Islands during a pandemic coronavirus.

the Island offers owners and guests a beautiful green landscapes, the master’s house and several guest cottages with views of the Atlantic ocean.

In the nineteenth century on the island of mined copper. The population reached a peak of 137 people in 1841, but in the 1960s, with all its inhabitants left the island.

Now the island has a private pier for ferries and boats, a helipad, a gym, a tennis court.

the island has an Autonomous infrastructure with their own systems of electricity, water and sanitation, and private roads.

“Horse Isle is a unique trophy; land search and selling in a COVID-19 was a difficult task, so naturally we are pleased with this result”, – said the representatives of the real estate company.

Agents are increasingly forced to rely on virtual views during a pandemic, but few sales were so complex as this.

“This underscores a trend that becomes more apparent when there is the influence of COVID-19, and people tend to buy property or land in remote areas”, – said participated in the sale of the island professionals.

while almost all travel was suspended due to a pandemic coronavirus, the demand for private Islands has increased.

Brokers and experts of tourist industry said that from March potential buyers and tenants around the world are showing increased interest to retire on the Islands belonging exclusively to them.