Annual inflation in Russia in January amounted to 2.4 percent

Consumer prices in January increased by 2.4 percent in January last year, Rosstat said.

In January compared to December last year prices rose 0.4 percent.

Prices slowed growth in December 2019, the annual inflation rate reached 3 percent.

In January rose food (0.7 percent) and non-food goods and services (by 0.2%).

In January a leader on reduction of prices was the wheat – 3.3 percent. In second place for lower prices were: chicken meat (1.1 percent), rice (1 percent), pork (0.8 percent).

price Increase among foodstuffs was supported vegetables and fruits: prices of cucumbers soared by 23.3%, and tomatoes — 14.1%, grapes – by 11.3 percent. Among the leaders in price growth remains buckwheat — it has risen by 2.0 percent.

At the end of 2019 prices in Russia grew by 3%, reported by Rosstat. According to the forecast of the Bank of Russia inflation in 2020 will amount to 3.5-4 percent and will remain close to 4 percent in the following years.