Among Russian speakers – the Director and producer Fedor Bondarchuk, Timur Bekmambetov; produced by Vadim Vereshchagin, Ilya Stewart, Artem Vasiliev, Valery Fedorovich, Evgeniy Nikishov, Director of the CDC Sophia Kapkov and others.

Among the foreign experts, producer Eric Barmak, the founder and CEO of the American company Wild Sheep, who previously held the position of Vice President for international Netflix original content; Jay Rowe – senior Vice-President of West Coast Production, HBO; Marc Lorber senior Vice President, Lionsgate; David Ellender – CEO of Sonar Entertainment, and many others. The working language of the business program of the online content market English, but the organizers promise to take care of Russian translation for those industry professionals who he does not know.

Eugenia Markova, CEO “Roskino” will host a public dialogue (Public Talk) with Eric Barmak, who will talk about new projects and will share his views on the Russian industry. Journalist Leo Barricklow will hold a discussion with mark Lorber and David Allanderm.

a Reputable Hollywood publication Deadline will hold an exclusive session on “Window Into Russia: How the best filmmakers of the country develop their business and establish international connections.” Russian producers Fyodor Bondarchuk, Timur Bekmambetov, Elijah Stewart and Vadim Vereshchagin will tell the journalist That Grater on international development of the industry, their projects gained popularity abroad, and opportunities for cooperation with Russia.

a Separate session will be devoted to the international success of Russian animation. Almost half of all produced in Russia cartoons annually in the international distribution in more than 100 countries around the world, cartoons are successful on TV, and collected billions of hits on online platforms. About the reasons of this demand and demands of foreign audiences will be talking to international speakers, among them: founder and CEO of Beijing Joy Culture Media (JCM) Li Yang, co-founder of the French Cyber Group Studios Pierre Sissman, Director of international procurement and co-production of the British WildBrain Richard Rowe, managing Director of APC Kids Lionel Marty, co-founder of Snap TV Ariel Toby. The discussion will be led by Thatcher mines development Director of the Finnish company United Power Animals.

the most important conversation on Digital Key Buyers Event will devote to how the state supports the export of content and extends the capabilities of domestic companies for joint surveys with foreign producers. The discussion will be attended by the Deputy culture Minister Maxim Ksenzov, head of the Department of entrepreneurship and innovative development of Moscow Alexey Fursin, senior Vice-President of JSC “Russian export centre” Nikita Gusakov, head of the “Moscabut” the responsible Secretary of the Moscow film Commission Svetlana Maximchenko, CEO “Roskino” Eugene Markov. The session will be held in partnership with “RG” (the author of these lines will serve as moderator, and later, her video can be viewed on our website).

the Format of Screenlife has become particularly relevant in our days, which contributed to self-isolation and, as a consequence, suspended the shooting of many projects. Outlook format in our country to discuss Evgeniy Nikishov, the head of the PREMIER Studios and screenlife, the Creator of the Russian series about life in the quarantine #Salagama, directed by screenlife-Thriller “Resurrected” Egor Baranov, Director of international sales and marketing international company Pulsar Content Alexander Fomin, Director of development Bazelevs Production Maria Zatulovskaya and General producer Okko Entertainment Sophie Kvashilava, which will present the project “All together” – the first experience of their own screenlife-production for OKKO. The moderator of the discussion will be That greater journalist of the American edition Deadline.

Foreign market participants will get acquainted with the leading Russian VOD platforms – CEO of video-sharing START Julia Mindubaeva, CEO Denis Gorshkov, managing Director of GPM RTV (platform Premier) Roman Petrenko, General Director OKKO Jan Bardintzeff speakers separate panel dedicated to this area of the market. Together with the moderator online meeting Jevgenijs Paralogism, specialist for investment and business development, head of investment banking Department at “Renaissance Capital”, the participants will also discuss foreign investment in the industry and the evolution of the content market.

Chapter Moschino Svetlana Maximchenko – organizer of the Moscow film Commission – will hold a discussion on a topical issue on the resumption of film production in Russia and different countries after the lifting of restrictions. President of the International Association of film commissioners (AFCI) Jesse Konoplia, the head of the Czech film Commission Sipkova Peacock, head of the Icelandic film Commission Einar Hansen Tomasson, senior Vice-President of West Coast Production, HBO, Jay Rowe, and founder and producer of the company “Sputnik Vostok Production” Alexander Kessel will discuss the recommendations for crews, possible measures of the government, the work of film commissions and the impact of the pandemic on the world map of shooting locations.

International buyers from the United States, Latin America and Spain talk about their experience of the production of Russian films in theatrical release and will share the key elements of success and specifics of the promotion on each site. Katerina Pshenitsyna, Director of international sales “Central partnership” and the moderator of the panel, will hold a panel discussion with ángel lópez by Armendariz, head of the Department��UNT of foreign content in the Mediaset Spain (Spain), Juliana da Cunha Jacobsen, head of procurement and operating officer of the BF Distribution (Latin America) and Jordan fields, Vice-President, purchasing, American company Shout Factory (USA).

Russian producers are planning not only to sell rights to ready-made projects abroad, but also to create films together with international partners. The possibility of joint production after the pandemic, will discuss the leading independent producers of France, Germany and Estonia, as well as their Russian colleagues: the General producer of Metrafilms Artem Vasiliev and producer of CTB Natalya Drozd. The session will be conducted by the Erwin Schmidt – managing Director of the German producers Association.

Particular attention will be paid to China as one of its key markets. Fan Zhang, Manager of the project Chinese-European Association of producers of film Bridging the Dragon, Alexander Ho, a representative of the company Hengdian World Studios, and Du Liang, the Director Airmita Cultural Development will talk about the Chinese experience in the restoration industry and adaptation to the new reality. The discussion about the state of the industry today, the fate and prospects of the cinemas, distribution of foreign projects and the resumption of production will be Olga Kashirina, sinologist, head of the Department for international development of the film company “Hydrogen”.

Recall that organized the first Russian online content market ROSKINO with the support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation and Moscow Government.


do Not remain in the side and direction of virtual reality. Georgy Molodtsov, curator of Russian Seasons VR, Board member of the Guild of documentary cinema, selector documentaries of various festivals, independent producer of documentary and VR projects, whose interview recently in “RG-Week”, will lead a discussion about trends in documentary film, models of proliferation and changes in the industry. Participants: Sophia Kapkov – founder and CEO of the Center for Documentary VOD platform Non/Fiction, Annie roney is the founder and CEO of ro*co films (USA), Andy Whittaker – founder of Dogwoof, and Ove Jensen, producer and consultant on documentary films.

Together with Alina Mikhaleva, founder and CEO LessMedia Group, co-founder of VR Studio Spherica and expert on VR, Georgy Molodtsov also will hold a session about the best practices of VR in Russian cinema. Anton Utkin, the Director and screenwriter of the VR project “Effect Kessler”, which was attended by Yuri Kolokolnikov and Irina Starshenbaum, and Ilya Rozhkov, Director and co-producer of the project “Agent Emerson” will tell you about different approaches and best practices of using the technology of virtual reality in Russian cinema.

Members online market discover a … ��tsya and with key post-production companies in Russia – this is dedicated to a separate section of the market. Work experience with Russian services in the framework of the panel discussion will tell the speakers from the USA, China, Ireland and India. Moderator of the panel will speak Nick Holdsworth is a British journalist and specialist on Eastern European cinema.