Announced a new cruise Diamond Princess

the Cruise liner Diamond Princess, known for quarantine because of the coronavirus, has announced a new cruise, which will take place in April this year after a complete disinfection.

More than half of the cases COVID-19 outside of China connected with the sea vessel. According to the latest data, we are talking about 634 infected passengers, as well as two deaths. Despite this, the company Princess Cruises intends to release the liner on another voyage from April 29, to celebrate Golden week in Japan, reports Business Insider.

a ship intend to fully disinfect, it is unknown how they will produced these works. Earlier, one of the doctors who visited the ship, said that the quarantine conditions on it are appalling.

the Speaker of the Federation Council Valentina Matvienko said that passengers from the Diamond Princess be able to evacuate, taking patients with the coronavirus in treatment. According to Russian policy, to keep healthy people on Board for weeks was a criminal, reports TASS.

According to the Roman media, Italian cruise ship captain Gennaro ARMA continues to encourage passengers who were trapped on Board due to the outbreak of COVID-19. He intends to leave the ship only after the evacuation of all people. But an Italian on Board will remain six crew members.

Gennaro ARMA among the passengers was nicknamed “captain courageous” because the man does not lose his composure in a difficult situation. On Valentine’s Day the Italian was sent to all people blocked on the liner, sweets in the shape of hearts and notes, reports “Interfax”. Also the man on the loudspeaker read poems on love.

a two-week quarantine because of the coronavirus ended on Diamond Princess on Wednesday, February 19. Since then, the ship has left more than seven hundred people. It is expected that on Friday, February 21 on the beach will do another 450 passengers. Off the Board is permitted onlyabout those who have not discovered COVID-19.