For almost a year, Annina Frey (38) is away from the SRF, attempted, after their departure in a blaze of glory in the widest variety of Jobs. What makes the girl from Basel, Switzerland, is not, however, clear to all – so also a Interviewer of the portal “” not. In an Interview, he asks Frey that it had not decided at that time, after their departure from the TV, yet where the journey should go. “Is the destination now clear, you have a new Job?”

Too much for the impulsive TV wife. “I said to the question “my new Job” to be honest getting fed up!”, you enerviert. And in the Wake of all their current operations. “I’m a music producer, DJ, presenter, and Yes, even actress. How many Jobs should I have in order to they ask me this question?” she adds angrily. You will be totally happy with your different legs, you would feel “more than privileged” to be allowed to work.

she didn’t> the TV-departure repented of

we Regret it is not, so Frey had to your decision to leave the leutschenbach, at least not yet. Do not be afraid also of being soon in the section “What happened to?” show up ” … to sink into and then out of sheer fear, in anonymity, in some jungle camp the last of my clothes off? No. Afraid I don’t have such trivialities basically,” she says.

With the music Frey deserves hardly what

But how good it can be, for example, of the own music of life? “In my case, not at all. A few in this scene can really make a good living from your music,” she says. Reason: The technology is become very easy. “Today, every DJ, and many also produce their own music. But the it’s not about me at all. I make music for music’s sake, not to be rich. At the moment this means that I work to earn me the Music. Because music costs one thing above all: a lot of time.” (wyt)