‘Love knows no age’ saith an old proverb, and it seems to hold the connector in relation to the Anne Linnet and her wife, Kathrine Kjær Linnet.

The two found together, when Kathrine Linnet was 26 years old, and now she says in a podcast, how it is to be with a woman who is 38 years older than her. And how it almost could not be different.

the First time the two saw each other was when Kathrine Linnet was just 16-17 years old. It was a concert, where Anne Linnet had asked Kathrine Linnet wanted to get out and greet after, tells the 28-year-old Kathrine Linnet in the program ‘Second to the left’.

It came to pass, however, and it would take some years before the two got together and later were married in december 2019.

Kathrine Kjær Linnet says that she has since her first love has been attracted by older women.

‘I have always been attracted to women who were much older than me, and I don’t know why. It can probably do all sorts of analyses. In fact, when I was 14 years old, I fell me into a woman who is at age with Anne now, and I think in one way or another put out so strongly in me; it was my first big love.”

the Host in the podcast, Stephanie Fisherman says, moreover, that the opposite view is the case for Anne Linnet. Something, the 28-year-old Kathrine confirms.

“It is true that Anne, after she has become older, fall for women who are younger than her even.”

In Kathrine Kjær Linnets case, it was nice that she would not have to convince anyone that it could very well go with a younger girlfriend.

“I always fall for someone, where there is significant age difference, and it is very fun, for until I met Anne, I have always had a hard time by the women I met. They would also like to have someone of their own age, so I have always had to fight really much to show, I also have substance,” explains the 28-year-old law student.

She says that it gives some tension in their relationship, that they can tell each other about their different worlds, because they have very different frames of reference.

Moreover, she up on that, it was love at first sight between her and her wife. The two moved very quickly along, was soon married, and the first time they had to be away from each other, flowed with tears, as was said goodbye at the train station. To find out more about the two and their first meeting in the podcast’s Second to the left’.