For women who are homeless under the gilding of the Republic. Anne Hidalgo could not take initiative more symbolic to hit the spirits. In an interview with the Sunday Newspaper, dated 14 October, the mayor of Paris announces the opening in November of a” stop “day and night, long-term,” in the Paris City hall ” for “fifty women” homeless who, by great cold, ” may be up to a hundred “. In total, Ms. Hidalgo is committed to open 700 additional accommodation by the beginning of 2019 ” in buildings, municipal, especially to the west of Paris, in addition to the 800 new created in places belonging to the municipality since February. The capital has about 10 000 places today.

While making the support of the poor a marker of its politics, Ms. Hidalgo puts the government at the foot of the wall. On 15 February, the mayor of Paris had already hosted a “night of solidarity”, which had led to some 2 000 Parisians identify 3 035 homeless in the streets of the capital. This operation was a stone in the garden of Emmanuel Macron which, in July 2017, had stated that” it [did] more person in the streets by the end of the year.” In march, the head of State had acknowledged its failure in the field.

“half The way”

Ms. Hidalgo is therefore up to the load. Based on the count of 15 February, it considers that” there is a lack of nearly 3 000 places of emergency accommodation in the capital. I am committed to this City to make the half of the path. The State is responsible to create the 1 500 others, ” she says. To do this, it proposes that the hospital of the Val-de-Grace that the State has closed, in the 5th arrondissement, can welcome “awaiting rehabilitation” of the ” people in the street “. “For…