Alexander PAL and Nikita Kukushkin — actors, spoiled generous with compliments. Kukushkin is praised as one of the most prominent figures of the “Gogol-center”, shooting for movies and TV shows. And even in the clips (you can say that the efforts PAL turned into videohit “Voyage” of the group “Leningrad” and Kukushkin impressive heritage in rollers team Cream Soda) these actors manage well to do what they usually wait to play weird characters. And now they have decided to become a comedic Duo.

it may seem like a good idea, especially if we are talking about the show on the Internet where Palud and Kukushkin, probably, it is not difficult to find an audience. As the format was chosen to parody the traditional morning TV program. And here actors read the news, cook a meal, have a conversation with the stars and even jump with a parachute.

If in this way the producers wanted to show how the characters with specialized education and impressive background steeper bloggers are self-taught, many things happened. But if you had ambitions to press lightly from the pedestal very funny at the moment, comedian Anton Lapenko and his show “Inside Lapenko”, the champagne, the creators of “the Morning program” (the so-called project PAL and Kukushkin) to open early.

Perhaps the charisma and experience of Alexander and Nikita, and will help to get mediocre sketches, but hope for miracles in a situation when the jokes need to play, not really invented, in a strange way. The expectation is that experienced actors are brilliant and easy to improvise, have not yet succeeded. And the result is a parody to the program “When all the houses” Anna Semenovich herself with a few words and a couple of grimaces looks much more convincing than Kukushkin, playing a TV presenter in a state of hysteria.

Conclusions few and they are all disappointing. First, in the competition of actors and pop stars always win the last, because pop stars don’t play, they are real. Secondly, to consider himself Almighty or believe in such compliments quite dangerous for a good reputation. Humarock is a slippery slope, and PAL Kukushkin while it laughs stalled.