Janis Timm and Anna Sedokova

the Relationship 28-year-old Janis Timmy and 37-year-old Anna Sedokova has reached a new level yesterday, the basketball player made his beloved proposal and she said Yes. About this singer said in his instagram.

I think “you” was not. You came and changed my life by showing me what true love is. Now I know exactly what it means “to love more than life.” To love no matter what. We’ve been through a lot, our experience and our mistakes every day give us the opportunity to appreciate even a second of each other, every detail, every touch. But today there is YOU and I and our amazing present and future. I promise you to be the best wife for you and only for you, the best friend and partner, the best mother to our children. I thank God for every second with you and I miss every second without you. You are my eternity. And I told you YES. Yes, I will marry you, is the best man in the Universe (here and further the spelling and punctuation of the authors saved. — Approx. edition)

— wrote Sedokova showed in the storis engagement ring, which she gave to her boyfriend.

Offer the Anne Janis made in the USA, where they rest for two weeks. His beloved basketball player was invited to walk on a yacht and in a romantic setting and presented her with a bouquet of red roses and a ring.

In the US, the lovers came not only to soak up the sun and enjoy the ocean, but to see my daughter star Monica from his second marriage with businessman Maxim Cherniavsky (the girl lives in California). The other day Monica was nine years old, and together with her fiancé Sedokova organized for her party.

Sam Timm also shared good news with fans and published a post in which he admitted Sedokova in love.

Love is just a word until someone come and make it meaningful, and you did it. I’ll give you my heart for life. The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return, and that’s what I have. I wanted this day happened on my birthday, because you are my best gift and I want to call you my wife. But instead of one amazing day, I had two, you gave an amazing party for my birthday that I will never forget. Thank you for all you do to make every day was the best. Love you to the moon and back

he wrote.

About the novel the pair became known less than a year ago. And in a relationship the lovers are joined, when the basketball player was married. As told by his wife Sana, it Sedokova and destroyed their family. However, Anna herself denied this and said that the beginning to meet with Janis after ��n broke up with his wife.

From the ex-wife of Timmy with there two year old son Christian. Anna Sedokova has three children (15 year old Alina, nine-year-old Monica and three-year-old Hector) from three different men.

the First news with SPLETNIK.RU shared blogger Bugagashenka.