Anna Kuznetsova: quarantine is a test for humanity

Anna Yurievna, what plans the children’s Commissioner has violated the quarantine?

Anna Kuznetsova: we Have canceled a lot of events and trips. While they moved. Was broken check one of the regions, because children’s social institutions are closed on quarantine. But in some regions we managed to carry out checks now and analyze the results. Because quarantine had to postpone the event on drugs for children with cancer. It is important to gather all the participants of this difficult topic – the pharmaceutical companies, oncologists, public organizations, representatives of the Ministry of health, Ministry of industry, etc. If due to circumstances we will not be able in the near future to meet, so spend it online. We need a dialogue on this topic.

Photo: Alexander Korolkov/WG the Correspondent of “RG” together with volunteers went out to help elderly Muscovites

unfortunately, we can’t go to Syria – postponed the departure to the camp of al-hol. Now we have ready documents for more than 30 children who are there. Undermined the health of some, one child is missing a kidney, and he is in serious condition. We do not lose time, prepare the documents so at the first appeared possibility to take out as many children as possible.

New change requests and appeals of citizens?

Anna Kuznetsova: of Course, one wave of complaints about people not able to travel from abroad. We have now resolved the issue with Brussels, our countrymen will soon be able to return. Now turn to Poland, where a large group of Russians, we are asking for help were written by the parents of children with disabilities. Return tickets, we have received a question on the design of maternity leave for living abroad of a citizen RossAI. Due to quarantine measures, the departure is delayed, and after the pregnancy will be great, and flights can be risky.

Another new problem – results hospital those who stayed home with the baby. Parents of preschoolers were given the choice to drive or not to drive to the garden. Many parents using this opportunity, stayed at home with my kids, and there was a problem with the results of the hospital.

Another issue is the restructuring of mortgage loans and other favorable formats payments for families whose income will decline because of the quarantine. But one of the first was the treatment of parents of children with disabilities regarding the extension of certificates. To many questions the responses were given in the message, which was made by the President.

He announced a number of measures to support families with children, the most vulnerable. Automatic extension of benefits, payments to families with children up to three years, sick leave calculation, based on the amount of one minimum wage, mortgage holidays – all of which should help families overcome a difficult period. Earlier we referred to the working group of the state Council with a request to include measures to support families with children during the period of the quarantine, and I’m very glad that many of the suggestions heard.

last week, we received questions related to the education of children, including distance learning, similar issues were colleagues in the regions. Breakdowns of connections, the failure of the website, platform, and sometimes, just the presence of the computer. For example, our family has three students, and Internet must be able to withstand the connection of all children at the same time, and each need a separate laptop or computer. In this sense, I was lucky, my husband is a programmer, and the kids are savvy in these matters. The eldest daughter Mary to us as a system administrator, is responsible for connecting to the Internet, logins, passwords, access to learning resources for all children.

How children reacted to the new format of lessons?

Anna Kuznetsova: at First perceived as vacation! And honestly the learning process did not come immediately. But after a few days, the children faced serious distance work. Later I asked them – are you better at school or at home? They unanimously answered – at home! The grandmother of our distance learning also like she loves to work with children, especially math.

And you, as a mom, what do you say? Parents in horror, in addition, have the house to transform into teachers, many full-time.

Anna Kuznetsova: What can I say (sigh). These are forced measures, and we need to the children to demonstrate understanding and show an example. But if to speak about my personal position, of course, distance learning does not guarantee the quality of knowledge and to replace face-to-face learning can’t. With the “remote control” we agree only to a period of quarantine, and then forward to school! Soon my daughter will start online classes in the struggle, it will of course be very interesting to see. On the one hand, the quarantine has given us many resources that we never used, and on the other, we began to appreciate even more the opportunity for personal contact and meetings. Maybe the kids will begin to appreciate the live meeting is in school, with friends, the same workout, which are sometimes so reluctant to go. Yesterday we convinced them to go because it is important and necessary, but today classes just yet. Here’s an online stream, here’s the link and go!

Photo: Victor Vasenin/RG Kuznetsova asks the state Council to support parents in the period of forced vacation

How do your children cope with the volume specified? Many parents complain that a lot.

Anna Kuznetsova Yes, ask a lot of lessons. After the online class, the children sit half the day and learn lessons. In addition, WCola puts enough hard deadlines.

You are offered a flexible system of assessment for the period of quarantine, you heard?

Anna Kuznetsova: we’ll find that out later, but while the appeals were received. The proposal was an appeal to what he does not write the guidelines. We can’t specify in the instructions the whole range of problems of each family. But if there is no computer, and the child is not able to get online streaming? There are many such issues, to solve them you will need each parent together with the teacher separately.

Many parents are facing some other unexpected family difficulties. How to survive in the quarantine single mom? But if her only source of income was the business, child development center, which is now closed? Or how to be a family where there are no grandparents, mom a nurse, dad is a taxi driver, and children are left alone at home…

Anna Kuznetsova: …and can be continued indefinitely, for example, and if the family has children with special needs? They require a special approach. What can I say… it is a Pity that labor did not support the decision of the social nannies in full. Now they would have came in handy! While the adoption of profstandart. What would help now is able to provide a free public babysitter that would come and took care of the child. Now organisations are developing a package of measures to support small businesses and enterprises. And whether we have a social babysitter, perhaps, wouldn’t need these measures. I am glad that in today’s situation, launched in some regions, the project “Social Navigator” became the main contact center for solving issues of organization of life in conditions of quarantine. I wrote colleagues from the regions. I rejoice, on the other hand, I want it all evolved quickly. As for child safety, here every parent should understand what to expect from your child.

Someone you can leave dohms in 7 years, and someone at 15 can’t be one. If there is no help, think maybe you can help the people you trust. And don’t forget to clearly inform the child what is and what is not.

What is important is not to miss in this new reality?

Anna Kuznetsova: the Most important thing is not to wait for ready decisions, sanctions, orders, and based on the specific situation, to make responsible decisions. It will be professionally and correctly. And will not create a situation of endless bureaucracy and red tape. Now it is not necessary. Now, the forces need to spend more to protect their health, to try to create the most comfortable and safe environment for children and continue activity under new conditions. And all this can only be when people hear and understand each other. Of course, we weren’t expecting the situation with quarantine, clear algorithm were not given, training on their implementation has not been spent.

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This is a test of conscience, humanity, understanding, the ability to hear each other, to active citizenship, to adulthood, if you want. Without additional instructions. And this concerns not only work and professional decisions, this is a whole – about us, about our behavior and attitude towards others. If every person would think about others, if everyone thinks I came back from abroad and need to stay home, it will be correct. If these people will be more, over time this test for humanity along with quarantine will come to naught, and humanity will remain.

You scared?

Anna Kuznetsova: No. You know, what would my grandfather, who OSTI without a mother, went through the Great Patriotic war? “We are not seen”, and worse. But he certainly would have followed all the recommendations of doctors! I’m sure of it. After all, the unity of our citizens in conditions difficult for the country, has always been the main condition for the victories big and small. Therefore, modern developments require from each of us here this civic maturity, I would say.

you Have a concern for children?

Anna Kuznetsova For children, this situation is less stressful than for adults. First, from the results of the research we understand that for children, the disease is not so dangerous. We have sent a request to the CPS to clarify information on the dynamics of the incidence of minor. While there is only the total number of cases. Yes, there are risks. Especially for the elderly. We in the family are very worried about the grandparents, they really cherish. Grandma’s going through and encourages us to be more careful, wash hands frequently etc.

Grandpa, my dad, more philosophically and with humor perceives what is happening. He we are a sports person and I am sure that if five times run in the Park, no virus will stick, but still listens to the recommendations. Of course, you need to take care of each other. And do it without fear. The energy of fear and anxiety better can transform it into activity to preserve their health and maintain the proposed recommendations. And it also requires a lot of effort and willpower first!

Make a virtual reading, as does the President of Israel, read children stories on the phone, how do librarians of St. Petersburg…

Anna Kuznetsova: …to help elderly people, as do the volunteers. This is a wonderful example. Speaking of the camera the children’s Commissioner, we have intensified the work with applications on social networks. We try to respond to everyone, even if you write just “Hello, how are you doing?”.

Everyone should do what you can, and any good initiative should be supported. For example, the Council fathers under the Commissioner launched an action hashtags “to the world of gadgets” and “daddy’s home”. It’s a great idea – to remember games of our childhood. I myself, for example, in the past year have found that my children do not know the game “Kandali”. And we are so often in the yard played! And how many more of these games?!

We plan to launch our media campaign #samagama. There will be useful tips from the experts our expert Council under the Commissioner for positive content and interesting offers for families with children.

boarding schools give students the illusion of free time, and the number of street and virtual “homeless”, idly wandering down the street or on the Internet, is increasing dramatically. What to do?

Anna Kuznetsova of Course, this is the new reality for parents. And realize this will be the first step to victory. The risk is always there. As for the door and inside the house. The priority is information about these risks.

you can Monitor the activity of children on the Internet need as we follow them on the street. Recently, the eldest daughter went to one of the sites upon request and suddenly anxiously said – “imagine, mom, on the website I found this horror?! How such a stir ?!”. I say “Mash, well, you know that this is the Internet, and here you can find anything. The question is, what will you choose and whether you have it.” But Masha already adult, and with those who are younger, much more difficult. Of course, sorry, when they clog up your head with nonsense. And we are not always aware of how much of a serious impact on their behavior, worldview, system of values provides the information with which they occur.

Now, there are many useful resources-the navigators – what to see, what to listen to. But the trick lies in the fact that the child himself wanted to find this useful information. And this focus on our parental conscience and in our hands. “Victory” BUchildren won’t immediately, that’s a fact. Therefore, the advice is simple: attentiveness to the child and clear navigation. The child has to remember your words. And when he will meet with the information or phenomenon which you called bad, not good, unacceptable, it will be postponed. Yeah, maybe not immediately, and not always when you are not around, the child will follow your words, but to identify it it will. To distinguish “a black from white” it will be easier. Worse, when he has no system of assessment of certain phenomena. You should try not to let the situation slide.

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Set metered consumption of the Internet. For example, we agreed with their children that to 17 hours, the phones in the hands do not take, so the children plan your day to fit everything in. By the way, with remote training we had to enter a planning day. Do the kids perceive good. It is easier to navigate in time, they will be able to assess its successes and failures. And we like to ask the child, if we rules are not introduced? Therefore the daily routine is the key to success in such amount of free time.

“war is War, and lunch schedule”?

Anna Kuznetsova I Have another version, and lunch – triple (laughs). It is also a very hot topic for home quarantine and food preparation. We have one person only goes to the store, girls trying to help with the cooking, grandma and grandpa can’t go to the store. But we try to look at the situation positively. Here, for example, solved the puzzle with the whole family and the husband and my grandmother – well, not fits! As it turns out, the typo in the textbook of mathematics.

Well, whenever we still find it (laughs)! If you look at the quarantine as a reason to stay with family, to discover something new in their children, to do what has long been postponed, then the mood improves. In the words of mother Teresa, if you want to make happy the whole world, go home and love your family. In terms of quarantine, these words acquire a special significance.

You will leave?

Anna Kuznetsova how is it? Worked all the previous six times and will work now(laughs).

And virus? Mom waiting to recharge, usually only fear…

Anna Kuznetsova: of course, I increased a degree of caution. In Bethmann now not worth playing. For me, very experienced family and staff. But try to organize our activity, adjusted for all constraints.