America prevailed in the civil war. The North against the South and Vice versa. Even then, the mothers were surprised with a card: “dear lady, your five sons are the glory has fallen on the field of battle.” Thus, and similar to the death were messages to American mothers in 1864. The sons of the Americas shot each other. Out of motherly concern, initiated the Southern Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis, together with suffering comrades from the war camps of the “mothers friendship day”. In order to provide wounded in the War, and together to exchange. Their goal was to make peace. In 1865 the civil war ended. And with it, the holiday for mothers.

But Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis remained a warrior in times of peace a Peace. Life, they fought on the Front lines for a national mother’s day. In the second week of may in 1905, she died. Even before the mother’s day was launched. Their daughter Anna Marie was now with all the concerns.

The mother’s day was a gift of the daughter of

Anna Marie Jarvis led the work of their mother. Three years after her death, a memorial service was held for you and dedicated to all mothers. It was the unofficial first mother’s day, celebrated on Sunday in the second week of may, 1908. 500 white and red carnations, the favorite flowers of your mother, distributed to Anna Marie in front of the Church to the mothers of their hometown of Grafton in the state of West Virginia. “The carnation does not cast its petals, but presses you to her heart (…) so, too, the mothers press their children to their hearts.” Maternal love die never, explained Jarvis. Therefore, they fought on – because of the mother’s day should be a national holiday. Six years Jarvis held a correspondence with politicians and organizations. With Success. She experienced, as in 1914 the first national mother’s day the American flag was hoisted. A day after the ninth anniversary of the death of your mother. Just in time for the next war.

florist rays of the flourishing business

With the First world war, the mother’s day international. In Switzerland even before it had been discussed already on a holiday for mothers as a kind of performance certificate. However, only the American model impressed the Swiss. The florist, Baker and pastry chef organizations understood the business and made for a country-wide mother’s day. In 1930, he was also introduced in Switzerland. Since 500 carnations are not enough anymore to give to all the mothers.
For Anne Maria Jarvis, the carnation, the symbol of mother’s day turned to a thorny Rose. She felt in need of the intimate sense of this day from the commercialism, miss. With the instinct of a mother Lion, you wanted to protect your intellectual Baby against profit hunter claims copyright. Unsuccessful. You lost your assets in the fight against the commercialization. The age of 84, she died in prison in an American salvation. Childless, but as the mother of mother’s day.