Yesterday, Thursday Influencerin Anja Zeidler (26) announced: “Yes, I’m pregnant. I’m in the 17. Week, so in 5. Month.” You and your friend, the footballer Milan Anicic (23) are parents for the first Time. Last July, the Couple made its relationship public.

during your pregnancy, the vegan, your lifestyle remains faithful. “I am convinced that for me it is the healthiest form of nutrition. My wife’s doctor says she has seen in a long time so, excellent blood values.” Renato Werndli (65), family doctor and co-owner of the first Swiss Vegan-doctor practice in Zurich, this diet for Pregnant women and your child is “highly recommended”. “The only Vitamin B12 should be substituted.” Similarly, Dr. med sees it. Mandana civil war (49) of the practice at the Paradeplatz in Zurich. “Pregnant food don’t have to take supplementary substances such as iron, vitamins and folic acid, as these are in non-animal products enough.”

generally not recommended

sibyl Abt (44), managing Director of the Association PEBS (Preventive nutritional and exercise advice to Pregnant women and mothers up to one year after birth) is Pregnant, not stressed, however, that the Swiss society for nutrition from this supply lasts for a lot of. Specifically, it means: “in Principle, Pregnant women are not advised a vegan diet, because you have special dietary needs. Who eats during pregnancy vegan, should have its supply of nutrients (e.g., Vitamin B12, iron) check and medical advice. In addition, it takes a skilled and close-knit nutritional advice, in order to allow a careful selection of foods.”

your child wants to Anja Zeidler – at least at home – eat a vegan. “A mother always decides for the best Welfare of your child. As long as the Baby can’t grab yourself to eat, it is fed from me.” She stresses: “I’m going to my child as soon as it is able to decide for themselves, to force nothing.” On children’s birthdays, it should also eat non-vegan cake and ice Cream. To give the home, it is the vegan version.