As Amazon with steely muscles Anja Zeidler (25) obtained for the first Time awareness. They are loved for their appearance or hated – popular, she was all the time. Today, the Lucerne, however, shows a different side: without Make-up, with stretch marks, naturally. She even goes so far that you are working with juxtapositions of real and edited photos on Instagram for a consistently healthy body image, and more authenticity.

“Started to show me “raw”, I at some point between the exit from my body building season of 2015, and on the way to today’s self-acceptance,” says Anja Zeidler to VIEW. Before that, it had been for them unthinkable to show up without any hair extension or without a tense belly. “I was assuming that I need all this to be enough.” Today, you would have accepted, as she is, and she wanted to give this positive feeling in the body more than 300’000 followers on Instagram more. Often, she shows two photos side by side, how she has changed, or how they would be with simple photo-editing Apps for the supposedly perfect Form.

Anja Zeidler got thanks to messages from her Fans

“Much too often, some surreal role models adore. They compare themselves consciously or sub-consciously with photos in the net,” says the 25-Year-old more. A false body image that many would be transferred to themselves but also to the opposite, to find Anja. “It doesn’t surprise me, unfortunately, that more and more young people, the dream comes to a beauty SURGERY.” They even did a breast SURGERY to 2017 undone and your hair extensions removed.

would arrive As the change in their Fans and followers, could not estimate the Anja. “Some fitness-savvy people were negatively surprised, but there were finally a lot more beautiful, thanks to messages from women, which I was able to make the courage to naturalness,” she says. The same image, you win if you look under the comments of your Posts: “Thank you for your honesty” or “Unworked me much better,” write to Anja’s Followers like.

Today, her Mantra is: “The path to self-satisfaction begins not with the appearance but in the attitude to themselves.” She also has the guide, “Be happy, not perfect: As I have ceased to want me to constantly improve, and I started to wrote life”. (paf/rgl)